Thursday, September 11, 2008

Note to self...

If purchasing a laptop is in your future. It'd be a good idea to make sure you have a LAP to put it in!!! I've been looking at laptops for years now and drooling. I just couldn't bring myself to commit to spending that large sum of money for something for myself (mostly).

Then I saw it...a refurbished Toshiba with 2G of RAM and a huge harddrive for $200 less then the price at Walmart (which also happened to be the the max price I was hoping to pay) . With us down to one computer and having to be referee all summer I finally made it all the way through the checkout process without chickening out.

It arrived yesterday to much fanfare. The kids know it's MY computer but they're excited that they won't have to wait until I'm done to use the desktop. To add to their excitement we also added another desktop yesterday. I LOVE back to school sales...and Bill Me Later. So most time was spent setting it up. I'd get it downloading a program and head downstairs to throw in laundry while I waited. EVERYTIME I tried to sit on the couch with the thing...Sean would have a fit. It was either that he was mad because I wouldn't let him slam bang on it or climb across it. Or he was mad because there was something besides him in my lap and he'd be trying to push it out. *heavy sigh* My poor poor needy guy.

I'm sure it'll get better. Either Sean will need my lap less and/or get used to something besides him in my lap. Or I'll find more opportune times to use this thing. Right now though I'm really wondering if giving up my computer chair and desktop was really the best choice. And here I thought a laptop would be awesome. LOL

It's been really busy here with school starting. I have some really cute pictures to share from a trip to the zoo this week too. I'm hoping to get them up tonight after I get back from picking up Michelle from work. That is if Sean decides I can. :o)

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