Saturday, September 13, 2008

WHAT! What, What's going on?

Sorry I've had a bit too much of crazy frog being slammed into my ears. It's Sean and Danielle's favorite bopping song. I don't mind it...the first 10 times! LOL Still I have NO idea why I'm up at 4am. Actually I've been tossing and turning since at least 2:30. I only decided I'd had enough of my bed at 4. I know I haven't been sleeping well lately but this is INSANE! You'd think being bogged down with a cold which came on yesterday would leave me snoozing. At least it's all I could think about last eyes just didn't want to stay open. Still, I didn't go to bed too early for me to be up at this ridiculous hour. Oh well at least I'm getting some alone quiet time...until Sean starts fussing. (and it took 45mins btw) Maybe I can actually get something accomplished on here. I keep thinking I should be in the bathrooms picking up and wiping down. But I might wake someone up doing that. I guess I could manage to go throw in some laundry quick. BRB OK...done, now I don't have to feel like I'm wasting valuable hands free working time, I'm doing something lol. I love the human's ability to reason.

Can someone PLEASE tell me HOW a toad got into my livingroom? As I walked down the hall just now I thought I saw a mouse (it's getting that time of year and I've hard some activity). Only this mouse was acting really weird, running sporadic. I decided to follow it and try to get rid of it. When it hit the light of the kitchen I realized it wasn't a mouse but a toad hopping. Now I don't mind toads, I'll pick them up, pet them and carry them around. But I do NOT want anymore live creatures taking up residence in the house....thankyouverymuch. If it's still dark out...why are my roosters crowing away? I think I need to adjust the lighting situation in there. I'm afraid to mess with it and risk my hens not starting to lay in a few months. It also doesn't help that there are too many roosters in that least 13. We're going to have to cull some out VERY soon....maybe this Friday (day before trash day so we can take care of the waste expeditiously.

I can't share the pictures I was going to since my camera and card are in the big girls' room and I don't want to disturb them to get it. I'll try to get some up later today. I didn't manage to put them up on Thursday because I ended up running to Walmart AGAIN! Just for a few things...yeah right. Walking down the aisles it was...oh yeah I forgot we needed ketchup. Hmmm we're out of mayo and instant coffee too. Next thing I know my cart is full. Yet it lacked on of the major things I went there for....CAT FOOD! So I'll have to go back...AGAIN! Where are the days when I could go grocery shopping once every 2wks and not step foot in the store for another 2wks? (Tom would do milk and perishable runs) Someone has got to put a stop to these kids growing!

OH! Speaking of growing...Sean is walking!!! He started last Thursday with about a half dozen steps at a time but it was with a distinct purpose. Now he's trying to do it as much as possible. Although crawling is WAY faster for him so that's his goto locomotion when things are important. It's amazing how the little ones seem to sprout once the big kids go back to school. I don't know, maybe I'm just seeing them differently without the others' interaction.

I'm waiting on pins and needles of my friends is at the hospital having baby #13 as I type. Well I'm assuming he wasn't born yet. She could be done and enjoying her new bundle this very minute (or catching a few z's) It's amazing to think how much our family has grown since we met in 1999...I had 9 kids then, she had 7! I thought I might have a problem with baby lust when she had her baby but I'm good. I joked that maybe it's because Sean is still so needy, I'll see how the NEXT one goes. ;o) Either way, I'm thinking of her and can't wait to hear about the little man. (so if you're reading this can call me!!! *hint hint*)

Hmmmm look at me. Get a few minutes to think for myself and I turn into a rambling fool. I'll spare you guys anymore of my nonsense for now. Hope the weekend is the best it can be for everyone.

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