Tuesday, June 29, 2004

And here I sit....

Yep! Getting NOTHING done. We've run out of water. Luckily we have some bottled drinking water and a 5gallon igloo water jug of city water. It's not MY fault we're out! I haven't done ANY laundry in the last few days. Waterwise we're going to really have to watch our original well level and run the supply well often. It's making getting the pool filled a loooong and drawn out process. It should have been filled weeks ago but still isn't up to the skimmer opening....although it's close! At least the kids are using it while they wait for it to be filled. (we're treating it the best we can without the filter)

Poor Tom...he had to go to work on less then 5hrs sleep. He's going to be exhausted when he gets home. He's a sleeper and can't survive on little sleep like I can. Of course *I* didn't have to survive on little sleep, I slept in until 10:00. I'll have to try to remember to be nice to him and excuse his grumpiness, which I'm sure he'll be. Makes it hard for me to ask him to prime the water pump when he gets home. It's one of the only things around here I haven't successfully done yet.

I started working with Michelle in the library this morning. We put a dent in it, but it's still a HUGE task. We have things to get out of there that have been in there since it was built 7yrs ago (wood for moulding/trim, boxes of disgusting books, etc) Within a few minutes I was sneezing...stupid allergies! I should just go in there and work, figuring I'm going to be sick by the time I'm done whether it's one day or 3. Hmmmm... It would be a huge thing off my mind. Then again I could go in my room and do the same. Or the little boys/playroom. Now I need to stop thinking about it before I get discouraged and just not do anything.

On that note, I'll take off and try to do something before this feeling fades away. I took at least one before pic of the library but the batteries are dead. Maybe I'll get brave and share it once the batteries are recharged. I'll update tonight.

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Chris said...

Oh please share.....I showed you my library LOL.

I hope your water is working soon! Our pool is not ready yet either so I can sympathise.