Thursday, June 24, 2004


YEP it's finally here!!! The day I've been waiting for. Summer vacation. Most people think I'm crazy to WANT my kids home all those days. I just love not having a schedule to follow.

Bedtime has always been the hardest part of the day/night for me. I don't like to sleep myself and feel like it's a waste of time (not to mention I might MISS something while I'm sleeping). So getting kids who really don't want to go to bed but should be into bed...isn't something I'm so great at. NOW I don't have to worry about it. That is until I'm all mommied out and wish I could just throw them in bed. Luckily that doesn't happen too often.

We started the official...get the house deep cleaned so maintaining it will be a lot easier. I always feel like a mean mom to have them clean the first day home, but it's always how it's been. Well I guess that should be usually. Last night we had a last day of school party at church with the girls. I lost Luke, a boy's camping trip, Michelle, 16 to my bil's house, Valerie, 14 to her best friend's house. Now Carrie, 9, is gone for the day and Pat, 18 did a little work and got picked up to swim at his girlfriend' here I sit! :o) At least we got under the couches all cleaned out. Too bad I can't walk across my kitchen floor yet. Guess that'll get done tonight after the kids get home...yeah right. Tomorrow will tell.

I had to laugh at the kids last night. They were all sitting on the couch doing workbooks and ditto'ed packets they brought home from school. Wonder how long that'll last. I do want to keep up some type of reading/math type of exercises going during the summer. I have at least 2 kids with learning disabilities that will lose a lot of knowledge over the summer if we don't. It'll also give me a feel about how those who don't work well at school would do at home. I'm always considering least a few of them.

Well back to being the mean mommy and trying to get more work out of the kids. Wish me luck!

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