Saturday, June 26, 2004

So this is vacation!?!?!

So much for a relaxing summer vacation. LOL No I'm not complaining that the kids are home, bored out of their skull. No they're not driving me crazy. I'm just saying that no one realizes it's suppose to be summer vacation here.

This week has gone a little like this...

Saturday...Graduation party for Pat, Laura, Susan and Joey (all couins). Luckily it wasn't at my house so prep time was at a minimum..but it was ENOUGH! Especially with trying to get end of the school year projects done. AF was due

Sunday...50th Birthday feast at church for Dennis K (dad of 14 kids). Started at 10:30am...great postparty time to be out the door. Came home..talked to Tom and ran back out the door to visit my dad for father's day. Seems Tom got a little shorted for father's day. I'll have to make it up to him later. Had a nice visit with Dad and picked up Pat at midnight from his girlfriend Jess's house.

Monday...Field trips and such for all the kids....what a waste of a school day. Olivia woke up at 8:30 screaming her earached. She didn't stop for more then 5mins until she fell asleep at noon. (I was ready to bang my head on the wall by then) We had to leave at 12:30 for her dr appt. She needed antibiotics...inflamed ear and sore throat. Bought a FRE hpt while at Walmart...took it as soon as I walked in the house...BFN....AF showed up 3hrs later. :o( A couple of the kids complained of not feeling so hot. Oh great...another sick summer for us (flashback to summer of 2001)

Tues...Half day for the kids....generally an ok day. I think I did something but can't remember what it was. So it wasn't so bad.

Wed...Kid's last day of school. I picked up the kids that didn't want to ride the bus home (they have a 1hr busride that they HATE). A few opted to ride with their friends on the bus one last time. We adopted Luke's class goldfish...who is now named Fred. He won him by paying 80 class dollars at the auction. In the evening we dropped Luke off for his overnight camping trip with the older church boys. I ended up giving them my bus to drive. Luckily Tom didn't freak and it survived. We stayed at church and had a girl's Last Day of School Party. They swam in the pool and then had cake and snacks. Poor Jake was out of was so hard for him to see Luke take off without him. He kinda hung around us girls...which didn't really help. LOL

Thurs's adventures are documented below.

Same for Friday except I didn't mention that Carrie and I were out grocery shopping from 11:30 until 4. Had to come home unload, feed everyone, IRON PAT'S clothes (grrrr on him waiting until the last minute) and then back out the door at 6:15 for graduation.

Today...After finishing this up I'm going to try to get a few more loads of laundry done (pile is taking over my hallway!). I have to fix a fruit salad and a pasta salad, we're going to my parents house for my dad's 64th birthday party. Wonder if I can get some work out of the kids before we leave at 1 or 2. I keep thinking tomorrow after church I won't have anything to do all week! There's always hope.

Now you're up to date on why I'm sitting here wondering where the vacation half of summer vacation is! I'm hoping next week is BORING!!!! I just realized that I haven't had a cup of coffee (good excuse for not making sense and all my typos lol) So I'm off to get that!


Wanted to show you what I meant by my bus...holds 13 people and lots of gear.

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Chris said...

I am hoping for a really really boring week at home for you :-)

And my kids still covet that bus!!!