Friday, June 25, 2004

It REALLY Happened!!!!

That's what I keep saying to myself tonight. Patrick,18yo, really graduated! The kid who kept self-destructing, failing and attending summer school has graduated...and when he was suppose to! I was so afraid he'd still be in high school when he was 20yo. LOL PHEW!!!

It was the same as always....long and boring! But exciting too. They mentioned their class angel Cody M. and I was in tears (died in a snowmobile accident 1.5yrs ago). Pat got a recognition award from the village bank. He's hoping it's a LARGE sum seeing as it's from a bank...told him dream on. He has to go to school to pick it up next week.

I got "in trouble" from Tom. There was a lady in front of me with a little girl about 6 on her lap. They were playing one potato, two potato...getting sillier and louder. It was IRRITATING! So when there was a break in the speaking I leaned over and said...would you PLEASE stop that! She was not pleased and I saw Tom give me THAT look out of the corner of my eye. But they stopped fooling around and ended up taking the little girl out of the ceremony.

I felt bad about it at first but then thought....NO WAY! I would have been appalled if my kids...all together...had created that much of a disturbance! I certainly wouldn't have been playing and laughing with them. I wanted to tell the lady...I understand how boring it is for a kid, but *I* left my little ones home so as not to disturb anyone. (I made the mistake of taking everyone to Drew's graduation, 2yrs ago LOL. They were very bored...but well behaved.) But I didn't. It's a good think too, it might've been just a little bit too arrogant. ;o)

That makes....2 down and 8 more to go...wooohooo!

Kim, Pat and Tom in the highschool library after commencement.


Chris said... all of you :-)


ma said...

woohoo WTG Pat!! Congrats!!