Wednesday, June 30, 2004

I KNOW it's the next day....

As you can see I never did get to updating last night like I planned. Tom went to bed at 11:30 and I decided to join him, dragging Olivia and Eileen into bed with me, Luke and Jake were already asleep. From what I've gathered this morning...everyone else stayed up until the wee hours of the morning. Michelle and Val had friends K and J over. I heard them lumbering down the stairs (they were watching a video in Drew's and Pat's room) at 4:30am. I checked on them and then couldn't fall back to sleep. So I grabbed the book I wanted to start reading The Cobra Event . After a while I took a nap until until 9am and was STILL the only one up (besides Tom who'd gone to work at 6:30)

I don't like how our mornings seem to be wasted in bed. I've decided to give them the rest of this week and then I'll be instituting a 9am maximum sleep time. If they're too tired to get up...guess they need to go to bed early. I'd also like to get them into bed at 9, having them read for an hour or so. But like I've previously stated below...bedtimes are not my I'm not holding out hope on that one. Maybe it'll become important enough to me later to uphold it.

Now onto the update of yesterday. There is no update LOL! Not a stinking thing got done after I last wrote. I meandered around the house, picked up this, kicked that around, thought about it all and ended up not getting anything noticeable done. GRRRR! Tom worked in the yard all evening so we didn't have water until really late. We had PB&J sandwiches for dinner. At least I do have water, unlike Karen, hopefully her problem is already resolved. While chatting last night I lost 2 Christmas Village houses. Guess that goes to show me I should put them away when Christmas or at least winter is over!

My house for some reason is now a total mess. Not only do I still have big pieces of furniture in my livingroom that have NO right to be there. But the dishes are undone, kitchen table is a mess and the floor...well we won't go there. I'm still running the supply pump, planning on getting at the laundry. I know once I get into digging into my room and the hall closet I'll have tons of extra laundry. Not to mention if I get to sewing I'll need to wash the material before I start. decided they wanted ice cream for breakfast and being the nice mom (read that lazy) that I am decided it was fine by long as they made me a bowl! The half gallon they brought up from the basement freezer is soft. Guess it's time to defrost that baby. Add that to my todo list...defrost freezer and clean refrigerator before going grocery shopping on Friday.

Tom's HOME!?!?! He just informed me he stopped by while on lunch. He's not really suppose to be out of the county (works for one county, we live in another). He dropped off 2 bags of mulch and a bag of compost from the next town over's community pile. I always get excited thinking he's taken the rest of the day off. If it were up to me the guy would never go to work LOL! Good thing I'm not the moneymaker in this family.

K and J left and now Valerie is gone to the movies. Drew and Pat are finally getting to the temp agency to get a summer job. Hopefully they BOTH come home with one. It would be nice if they were working together and could carpool. It would make the necessity of getting Pat a car lower, although he'll need one before school starts in the fall (unless Drew's and Pat's schedules are similar). I really don't want to give up my car! But if Pat needs transport to work...what am I going to do? One of the disadvantages of living out in the easy access to public transportation.

I find it hard to make everyone work when some are off having fun. Guess I'll have to get over myself and get them moving. Especially if they want to go swimming..looks to be a nice day for that! Guess I have to go get the whip out now. are the dreaded pictures I said I might share. The first picture is the north end of the library taken yesterday. Last night Drew and Pat took out the sleeper loveseat and put it into their room. So now I don't have to work that into the cleaning. The other pic is the south end of the room and is my craft table and all it's trappings. And people wonder why I don't get some crafts for the bazaar done earlier?

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Chris said...

Okay, your before pictures have mine beat ;-)

But it is going to be so awesome when it is done. Imagine sitting at your craft table being able to find everything and do some fun summer projects! It will be worth it when it is least that is what I tell myself LOL.

Hope you are enjoying the beautiful day today, hear there is rain in the forcast for the next few.