Sunday, June 27, 2004

Now THIS is what a Sunday is for....

We had a nice and relaxing day at home. I'd even call it productive...which is always a good thing. I worked in both the house and the yard today, but nothing too strenuous. Weeding the peppers, moving planters, cleaning the bathroom and picking up the floors in the livingroom and kitchen. We also sat around and talked, played horseshoes and badminton....we didn't keep score.

I woke up with my back really tight and sore but curled up in a ball for another hour of dozing. It seemed to help a lot but was still tender and stiff on and off all day. I really need to start doing some exercise! At least getting up and going for a walk. I enjoyed it when I did it Memorial Day morning. I wish I could start it and keep it up now. I do like being more active around here though. Although my computer time is seeing a severe reduction and that's not fun.

I'm trying to convince the kids if they help a little each day that we can have all the rooms cleaned eventually. Then we can easily have people over to visit and swim. (once the pool is finished and running well that is) I'm not sure if I've been successful but at least the work we did this afternoon hasn't been undone. It's better then normal, hopefully tomorrow we can make a greater leap toward getting things cleaned and organzized. I MIGHT even get the Christmas village off the top of the organ in the livingroom. Laundry is calling my name too :o( Guess I can try and get a bunch done tomorrow. Hopefully we won't run out of water before I'm done.

Tomorrow is our 21st wedding anniversary. I'm trying to figure out how to get the kids into their rooms by a decent time (meaning before we fall asleep!) So we can have a "date" and have the downstairs to ourselves. Stuff like that was so much easier when they were little. Makes me jealous of Catherine and Reg's system of having all their kids in their bedrooms by a certain time everyday. Nowadays I'm pushing my teens to bed so I can go to bed!

Well guess we'll have to see what tomorrow holds. Hopefully it's as enjoyable as today.

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Chris said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Sending you lots of tired kid vibes for tonight... maybe if you work them hard enough today they will be eager to get away from you tonight? LOL, just a thought ;-)