Monday, October 09, 2006

How things have been faring lately

My posts have been sporadic and mostly about how I haven't been handling things well. Now that I can catch my breath and think straight I thought I'd update about how everyone's been doing here.

Daniellewise...she's growing by leaps and bounds. She's at such a fun age! My latest walker she's taken a few tenative steps from here to there but not walking yet. Give her a pushtoy or something to put her hand on though and she's off like a rocket. She's so cautious I'm sure once she does start walking she'll be pretty sure footed which is fine by me. She's turned into a little monkey and mimics everyone and everything around her. While she's a little girls and likes to play with her dishes and babies, her favorite toy is a little car....complete with appropriate sounds while she drives it over everything.

Schoolwise...We've been to the school quite a few times with open house celebrations. This year homework has been going well for everyone!!!! Which hasn't happened in quite a while. Luke is continuing to do his homework well on his own (started it midyear last year). Carrie has joined him and is doing great! I haven't had to get on her case about starting it yet and she's always done early enough to participate in youth activities at church. (unlike last year when she would sneak it into bed to finish). It makes for a much more relaxed evening. Jake, Eileen and Olivia are naturally pretty self motivated so no problems on that end.

Last week I actually had Pat take over a few days of driving Michelle to school for me. It made a HUGE difference in how I felt and what I accomplished around here. I even started digging out my bedroom (always the last room I attack). I'm feeling ready to face the chore of driving again.

Drew's band is pretty sought after. They're booked for quite a few weekends in the next month or so. They even have a date set in January and for St Patrick's day. Between going to school, band practice and seeing Allison he's staying really busy and isn't home much. Allison is in her last year of school and has mentioned going abroad to teach English. I guess she really enjoyed Italy last semester. Drew asked what I thought about them moving overseas. I told them I'd miss them but if that's what they want and can do, then go for it! As of right now I'm thinking we'll be having a wedding next summer.

We couldn't have asked for a better 3 day weekend weatherwise. Tom took the kids to the apple farm, bird sanctuary and a playground on Saturday. The kids took advantage of it and were in and out all day. It led to Danielle throwing a few fits because she wanted to be big and go outside too. I don't want to see this weather end. I actually heard the "S" word in the forecast for the coming weekend. Waaaah!

I brought my book into the house tonight. It's Fannie Flagg's "Standing in the Rainbow". The main character is Neighbor Dorothy who was a character in her book..."Welcome to the World Baby Girl!". I'm just starting it but it's good like most of her work. D has already read it and just finished the next one in line called "Can't Wait to get to Heaven". She's wanting me to hurry up so we can talk about them.

Something that made me go hmmm while reading the book. Dorothy is what was called a "radio homemaker". A housewife who ran a daily 1 hour long radio show out of her home. In the book it's described as someone who dispenses tips on child rearing, home, garden, cooking. Someone who talks about news and entertains. Most of all it was a daily visit from a good friend. I thought....hey! that's what bloggers do and are!

I've had a chance to do some blog touring this weekend. It's nice to catch up with some good friends that I've missed in the last month.


Brony said...

Wow! I don't know how you do it.
Sounds like a great family.

Kathy said...

Glad you got a little break from the driving. Hope YOU are doing Ok.