Thursday, October 19, 2006

Look out world!

Here she comes! Danielle is walking!!! She started on Saturday, taking 4-6 steps between things and people. On Sunday she spent all day walking around whenever she could. One of the kids asked me....why is Danielle walking around everywhere? I asked how they got around? She's having tons of fun with it. She even stands back up when she falls. BUT if there's something she REALLY soon as she falls it's crawling all the way. LOL

Today's been a busy and nerve wracking day. In the middle of my errands Pat called me to let me know Janna was in the ER of the local hospital. I knew she'd gone home (Val called me) but didn't know why. I called the school and asked them to have Val call me. Then I stopped by the ER to see if Janna or her mom needed anything. She was really glad we stopped by and was just telling her mom she wished we were there. Val called when I was there and asked to be picked up so she could be at the ER with Janna, so I did. They think she passed a kidney stone during the day and still has one in her opposite kidney. We were joking that she just wanted to be like Val and a copycat. lol She's resting peacefully at home now.

Ontop of that Tom's dad has been running a really low grade fever which spiked a bit today. With his counts low he's suppose to report ANY fever at all. He's in the hospital and not doing so great. Everyone is a mess. (why I'm still up at such a horrible hour of the morning!) I'd appreciate any prayers and positive thoughts you could send for Tom, his dad and his family.

I was thinking there was more I wanted to share but can't think of it ATM. I'll post more tomorrow if I think of it.

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lisa said...

Hi, hope all is well or hope all the chaous will be done soon I just wanted to write because i saw your post that you have 11 kids. Me and my husband off 20 years have 12 kids and we don't meet many bigger families we live in colorado. My email is maybe you can give me suggestions onhow you get by with all the kids Thanks LISA