Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sunday Morning Musings

First an update on my FIL. He's doing ok and has double pneumonia. I hate to say it but PHEW! Not that I'm glad he has it but I'm glad that's what it is. What was going on was SO much worse in my mind. (relapse or myelodysplasia...yep the same thing Carrie had). There's talk of him being discharged on Wed. :o)

Tom told me something someone said to him concerning this blog. They said they've read my blog and I paint our life all rosey and great. Ummm guy....this is MY blog!!! I decide what goes in here. If I decide that I'm only going to write about everytime I fart....that's my perogative! If you don't want to read it....that's your's.

I admit I don't share all the nitty gritty stuff here. Reason's the internet! (no offense to my cyberfriends) I try my hardest to not bash my husband in public so I certainly try not to do it here. My kids, especially the teens, have their own lives and a right to their privacy...I respect that. Also this is ONE side/version of the story. I would hope that anyone reading this would realize that.

Believe me there have been times when it would've been SO easy to come and just let everything out here. But that wouldn't have been fair to those involved. There were times when I couldn't blog because heavy private things were too close to the surface and effected me so much. I'd try to write but I felt the situation always showed through in my I'd delete.

So X, if you're reading this. You're right to a degree. And no, I won't change a thing. It's your call whether you want to read this or not. I'm not really sure why you'd want to though, since you have an upclose and personal view of the whole thing (not to mention your own opinion on it that you've freely shared).

Now I'm off to clear off the mounds of things on my computer table. Have a good day :o)


O_Scientist said...

This is YOUR blog and you can post or not post whatevery you want.

Whoever thinks otherwise is just plain wrong :P

I omit a lot of things in my blog, just share what I feel like sharing with my 200 closest friends ^^

Back to go studying :D


chel said...

I totally agree with you, more than you'll ever knew. Please don't let the voice of few repesent the rest of us. I have come to learn one sure leason in life. Those who know the least seem to know it the loudest.

Take heart Kim, we love your blog exactly the way it is:-)

Anonymous said...

Your blog is great, Kim. I agree with you about not posting personal things on the internet. You never know who is reading.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you Kim!! I don't hang ALL my dirty laundry out, there's no sense!!LOL Not only that, I don't know about you, but I find it more healing to come and write about the positive things that are going on in my life when they may not be quite so positive......Keep up the fabulous writing Kim....although...ahem...please do spare us the farts!!!ROFLMBO!!!!
God bless!!!