Monday, October 30, 2006

I was this [ ] close!

On Sunday I almost did it. I almost had all my hampers empty! Note that I didn't say I almost had all my laundry done, just my hampers empty. I'm sure there were dirty clothes in the bedrooms, I know I have some in mine. According to the hampers though I only had ONE load of light clothes to do by Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately time ran out on me and we had to leave for the Harvest feast at church. By the time I got back there were darks and lights dirty again. So I'm back to normal with clothes in all the hampers lol.

Oh yeah and before I forget...I posted again over at I answered a readers question about the comments we hear. It's a revised edition of a post I wrote here in March. Q&A...How do you deal with comments and questions? I'll be posting again this Friday. The topic is how we deal with all the activities and commitments the kids have.

Saturday was a pretty productive day. Besides doing tons of laundry I made bread, rearranged furniture, started cleaning little kids bedrooms, helped devise costumes, cleaned in the nooks and crannies where it doesn't show. Tom was gone ALL day until after 2AM. He was working on the van at one of his friend's house. It's not all completely done but rides a LOT better (and safer). I still need to buy 2 new front tires, maybe Wednesday.

Sunday was a FUN day! The youth kids made it a great day for all the little kids. The Harvest feast started out with a children's meeting. It was followed by wheelbarrow races, games for all ages (including the adults...have to give them opportunities to make fools of themselves lol), pizza dinner and then trick or treating door to door in one of the dorms. Costumes this year were...

Danielle - unicorn (costume I bought 75% off last year after Halloween)
Olivia - angel (kimono that was a christmas gift last year, wings and feather crown from the dollar store)
Eileen - cheerleader (skorts and tshirt with pompoms from the dollar store)
Jake - Pirate (vest with stuffed parrot velcro'ed to it, cardboard hat, sword and eye patch from the dollarstore)
Carrie - princess (Val's prom dress from the thrift store, crown from the dollar store)
Luke - karate student (his grandpa's old Gi, green bathrobe belt lol)
Liz - Gorilla (Drew's gorilla mask, all black clothes)
Me - parrot (multicolored feather mask from the dollarstore, homemade parrot outfit I made 2 or 3 yrs ago for Luke)

Jake will be using the Gorilla mask at school on Tuesday (only elementary kids...3 youngest, dress up for school) His attitude is, if you can't bring a sword to school what's the sense of being a pirate? lol He'll switch back to a pirate for T or T'ing though. Liz is going to be a fairy for T or T'ing. I bought her wings at the dollarstore tonight. She'll be wearing a dress she bought this summer for a friend's wedding. We'll be T or T'ing around my parents' neighborhood. My sister with 2 of her girls will be going with us.

It looks to be a beautiful day for T or T'ing. Today was absolutely wonderful! After having lows in the mid 40s for almost 2wks it seemed like summer again. The van became downright hot at times. Danielle took a nap after lunch and I enjoyed reading my book. I also enjoyed a short 15min powernap.

We received some exciting news here today. Pat called this afternoon and told me he now has a job!!!! :o) It's good to see him excited about it. He visited the college last week about getting a waiver for his financial aid. Now he has to write a letter explaining why he should be given it (I think that's what it has to be about). He'll have to do that soon. He has to know whether he qualifies for funding for the January semester before he registers.

Also we are getting DSL!!! I don't have to surf the net by horse and buggy anymore! By Friday evening I should be FLYING around here! I'll be able to see whole pages, pictures and videos! Woohooo!!! The promotion right now is that with a 2yr commitment we get a free computer! It's almost 3x as fast as the one I'm using now. That means we'll have 2 machines and I won't have to share as much anymore. (not sure how long it takes to arrive though) It'll be even sweeter if Drew and Michelle buy their own computers/laptops like they've been talking about.

Well my extra hour this weekend is starting to catch up. I just rescued my forehead from meeting my keyboard. Hope everyone stays safe while/if they're T or T'ing.

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