Sunday, October 08, 2006


I seem to have caught up with things around the house. Having company (my parents) is a great motivator. :o) Tomorrow most of us have a day off. I don't have to drive Michelle to classes!!!! Yeah me! It'll be nice to get up and not have to think about where to start around here. I'm actually sitting here thinking about baking cookies and apple pies, revving up my sewing machine, starting some projects to sell on ebay or to give for Christmas presents. Believe it or not I'm even thinking of bringing my "waiting for Michelle" book into the house and disappearing into it.

Don't get me wrong, things aren't perfect here. I have things to do. But it's better then it's been in a long time! I even managed to do 8 loads of laundry today(may even do more before bed). That means I have less then 3 loads waiting for me to wash! If tomorrow is as nice as today I'm hoping to wash all the bedding and hang it. Nothing like climbing into a bed with line dried sheets.

We had a nice visit with my parents. My mom brought us the scrapbook she made of our trip to Orlando and all the area parks in Oct '99. It was Carrie's Make a Wish wish. The kids had a ball going through it and remembering everything. They all got a kick out of how little they looked. Tom and Pat BBQ 4 chickens for dinner. Even though we had 6 extra people here to feed we ended up with enough leftovers for lunch tomorrow. :o) My dad brought me out some more plants for my garden including YUMMY smelling Russian Sage! Tom's preparing my circle garden to act as a nursery until next spring. My dad has offered to sit down with me and map out exactly what to do and where. I'm always at such a loss where to put things even though I have tons of choices (we own 7+ acres)

Last Monday we celebrated Michelle's birthday (Her birth story). Actually she had a multiday celebration. lol We had pizza and wings on Sunday while C (her boyfriend) was here. He was heading back to school on Monday morning. Monday we had her birthday dinner (she picked cheeseburgers) along with cake and ice cream. Wednesdays I took Michelle, Val, Janna and Kat to the mall. We hit a great sale at Wet 1 clearance item, get 1 free. I wanted to go back and do some Christmas shopping!!! I bought Danielle some much needed clothes at the Children's Place...additional 50% off clearance prices. Poor thing, most of her clothes were geared toward summer.

I'm starting to think that I might have a handle on things now. Just in time for the hoiday craziness to start! LOL Hey! Isn't Columbus Day the new "first day of the Christmas shopping season"? Let the jolliness begin! :oD

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