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Michelle's birth story

Her Stats....

Michelle Lynn
October 2, 1987
8lbs 15oz

For my pregnancy with Michelle I went to my regular family practice dr. I LOVE this guy! He's so laid back and easy to talk to. I'd have had all the rest of my kids with him but the HMO is was through would only allow OBs to deliver babies shortly after Michelle's birth.

I had my first ever sonogram. The tech said it was girl then told me....I can only be 75% sure of a girl. It might be a boy who's parts haven't descended yet. I then went on to have a dream that I had quads....3 girls and 1 boy. lol

About 7mos into the pregnancy while visiting my parents I suddenly announced that Valerie didn't sound right this pregnancy. We'd had Valerie picked out for our girl's name when I was pg for Drew and Pat. Tom was shocked since he really loved Valerie. He asked what name I did want to use? I don't know is the only answer I could give him. My dad was standing at the stove cooking dinner and said...I've always like Michelle. You never hear it used very much anymore. I jumped up and shouted...THAT'S IT! I like it, let's name this baby Michelle! Tom agreed. :o)

As was par for the course for me I was still very pregnant as my due date came and went. After being overdue for 16 days my dr decided he'd admit me the next day for an induction.

I arrived at the hospital bright and early like a good little patient and found that there wasn't really any room for me. They decided that they'd make room and put me into one of two birthing rooms they had at the time. (they considered it substandard lol) I was given an IV, hooked up to the monitors, checked and told nothing remarkable was happening. The pitocin was started about 9am and we were on our way...or so I thought. Tom and I sat around all day and NOTHING happened. I'd feel a small contraction here or there but nothing to report.

My dr came in to check on me after office hours were over. (5pm'ish) He asked if I was tired and wanted to take a break for the night. I told him I wasn't tired...all I'd done is laid in bed all day. Let's go for it! Around 5:45 he broke my water, announced he was heading home to grab a bowl of cereal and would be back soon. 15 minutes later the contractions started...and they were huge! I was having a hard time concentrating through them. The nurse came in and told me that I needed oxygen and placed the cannula. I told her...I needed to throw up and did! lol

Around 6:30 I decided I'd had enough and asked for some pain medication. They told me that I'd just started labor and it was too soon. I waited about 15 mins and asked for it again. They checked me, declared I was a 4cm and it might be ok to give me some but they'd have to call my dr to see.

I started feeling pressure around 7'ish (and still without my pain medication I might add). I told Tom he should probably go out and tell someone that I think I might be ready to push. He said I can't be ready, they said it was too soon. I convinced him to go out and tell someone anyways...they said they'd be right there. He walked back in the room, I then grunted and said...Tell them I need them NOW!!!! He ran back out into the hallway and yelled for someone to come NOW!

A nurse saunter into the room, took one look at me, lifted my sheet and yelled.... I NEED SOME HELP NOW!!!! We have a head here!!!! All hell broke loose and everyone flew into action. A resident came in and told me to go ahead and push. I did but nothing happened. He told me to push again....I did again and nothing happened. While holding Michelle's head he placed his second hand just under my ribcage and PUSHED! I SCREAMED!!!! He then did it a few more times and the rest of Michelle was born.

Just a little side note. The room I was in was seldom used. It was also right behind the admitting desk. While all the above was happening a very pregnant young girl in labor was sitting at this desk getting admitted. They'd put a screen up to block her view but she could hear EVERYTHING and I knew it. After I would grunt loudly or scream I would then say....oh that poor girl. I'm so sorry. I'm probably scaring that poor thing to death. Oh that poor girl.

We were told that my uterus had shut down after I delivered her head. I wasn't contracting anymore. They had to push on my stomach to help expell the placenta. I was bleeding quite a bit and they were working pretty hard. They opened up the pit all the way, gave me a shot in my bottom and massaged my stomach trying to get my uterus to contract. They swept my uterus a few times just for good measure. Each time they'd push, knead or sweep I'd give a yelp and then an apology.

Michelle was beautiful....full, round and bald! Her scalp did show a tiny hint of red hair which tickled my MIL who was always hoping for a redheaded grandchild to be never happened. I noticed that all the girls in the nursery had pink bows in their hair, except Michelle. I asked my nurse why that was and she told me she didn't have enough hair to put one in. :o( Next time they brought her to me though she had a bow attached to a few stray strands of hair. I was instructed to not breath on it or it would fall out!

After delivery my blood pressure started going up and wouldn't come down. I was put on bedrest and given meds to help. After 4 days it started coming down and I was discharged. We headed to my parents' house for a few days (they'd been taking care of Drew and Pat) While there I started running a fever, I had mastitis. The dr called in an antibiotic and I lived with hotpacks. Then we headed to our trailer. I left their house in tears because I knew that our trailer was going to be cold since it hadn't had a fire in it for days. It didn't help that I was also dealing with a mean case of the post pregnancy blues. Luckily it only lasted a few days.

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