Thursday, October 12, 2006

Bullet Time!

*** It's an invasion!
Yep Sunday was the start of the annual "lady bug" invasion. My mom told me if she'd known they were out she wouldn't have come for a visit. They (the ladybugs, not my parents) are stinky and pesky. They land on and in everything including food, drinks and faces. I told her it had just started and was getting worse by the hour. Luckily they've calmed down and have mostly settled into their corners.

*** Never assume
Tuesday I heard a truck pull up to the house, then a tiny knock on the door. I assumed it was Tom with his hands full. I ran to the door, whipped it open and yelled...Waddaya waa.... Standing there staring at me was a tiny timid Fed Ex man with a package in his hands. I was so embarrassed! I was also laughing so hard that I couldn't get a proper I'm sorry or an explanation out. Bet he's hoping we don't get anymore deliveries for a while. LOL

*** I found it!
I found a Walk Away the Pounds Express DVD yesterday! I've been wanting for it for a while. Last year I'd ordered it from someone online and never received it. Everytime I'd looked in WM they didn't have it. I figured since it was an older program it'd never come in. I even started looking for it in the 2 for $11 bin. LOL Our Super Walmart has gone through a huge renovation which makes that section of the sports department easy to get to. On a whim I decided to check to see if they had something I'd want and there it was! I was a happy shopper!

*** One chore off my list
I hate tire shopping. I feel like I'm going to get taken for a ride. Then there's all those extra fees involved. I never know which I need. My van really needed new back tires at least. They kept getting soft and one was almost bald. I put it off and put it off although I'd been browsing the ads for prices. Finally I decided to bite the bullet and run over to the tire store to get a quote. They didn't have any extra charges and the price was right. So now I have 2 new back tires and the van is driving great. Although it was bit hard to tell with the monster winds throwing me around like a paper cup yesterday.

*** I'm not ready!!!
Yep, it's that time of the year again. Time for the dreaded white stuff to start flying. I'm not ready for it! Well I'm more ready for it coatwise then I've been in a while. Bootwise I'm not sure about but that can wait. Mentally though...NO! Take it away! I don't want to see the stuff! I want everyday to be like last skies, sunny and mid 70s.

***Let the stripping begin
Danielle is learning to take off her clothes. She fights me tooth and nail over wearing shoes....takes after her mother. lol They don't last long and then it's time for the socks to start flying. Running errands while waiting for Michelle yesterday I had to put her socks on 4 times. Then while she was sitting in the cart at Big Lots she tried to take off her shirt. Luckily she's not too adept at that yet. It's gonna be tons of fun trying to keep her bundled in the van while waiting for Michelle this winter.

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