Friday, September 16, 2005

Just so I wouldn't relax TOO much

The radiologist had to drop a bit of news into my lap. The bump on the side of Carrie's knee is solid in nature. *heavy sigh* He asked if I'm sure she didn't have the bump there before she fell in June (what we said caused the bump in the first place). I told him I'm pretty sure. Of course this left me with unwanted thoughts running through the back of my mind. If it's truly from her fall then it's most likely a calcified hematoma (bruise). If it's's a growth/tumor which doesn't necessarily have to be malignant. He called in the report to Dr G...we'll talk about it at Carrie's appt next Friday. The radiologist mentioned that the oncology clinic will want to know about and keep an eye on this also.

While talking to S, Carrie's Nurse Practioner at the KNOT clinic, she let me know that she's also been watching Carrie's liver function. Her liver function panel (bloodwork) has been slightly elevated for 1.5yrs. If it was still elevated next Jan. when we went back in we were going to move onto a new level of "watching" it. I never mentioned it to Dr G on Wed because there was already a lot of things I wanted to talk to him about. I think I'll mention it next Friday.

I'm trying to be at rest about all this and not let my mind run away on me. It's hard though...especially when I have the internet sitting at my fingertips. I know enough not to go looking too far, otherwise I'd become a basketcase.

We went to Walmart after the imaging center. I needed dishwasher detergent...yeah...$50+ later! LOL I remembered other things we needed while walking around. (really...we did need it, most of it anyways) Walking around WM is NOT a good thing to do when you're feeling a little shaken and need a quick pick me up. We ended up in my favorite section...small kitchen appliances and gadgets and there were neat things in the clearance section! I was a good girl and kept my hands to myself. I do have my eye on a nice blender. Next week is payday and I'll see if there's any left if I get groceries there.

Something I didn't REALLY need but really wanted is a scale. For some reason my digital one has lost a lot of it's numbers. After testing some out with Carrie as the weight, I bought the cheapest dial one there. I figure I can buy 3 of them for the price of a midpriced digital (like the broken one I have). We had a mass weigh-in when I got home.

For the first time in a loooong time (at least 7yrs) I am now under 200lbs!!!! I weighed 197!!!! As part of my new healthier me kick I'm going to try to report my weigh-ins on Mondays. I'd also like to get some measurements since I think I may want to concentrate on toning more then weightloss. I set a new goal weightloss goal for myself on my fitday PC program. I'm not looking to weigh 175 by Christmas (14wks away!) I'm not really sure I want to do this. I'm worried that I'll not make my goal and get too discouraged. I tried to stick to my diabetes diet today. The day got off to an iffy start with some micro popcorn tempting me after I already had eaten my breakfast allowance. I did good the rest of the day.

Oh cool! Drew had mentioned there were some dvds in his room. I knew one was a "generic" pilates/yoga. I just had Michelle go and bring them to me to evaluate again. There are 4 of The Firm ones in there!!! (Total sculpt plus Abs, Complete Aerobics & Weight training, Firm Abs, and Maximum Cardio Burn Plus Abs). I forgot that I'd gotten them. I think they'll suffice and may even take over my desire to buy the Winsor Pilates dvds. I'll have to view and try them out. One of things I'm not so hot on is that they are 40mins long compared to WP's 20min workouts. Also I don't have the Firm's Fannylifter (stair step), sculpting stick (which I've read isn't a good idea to use) or dumbbells. I'll have to improvise I guess. I'll report on them after I try them out.


Melanie said...

WTG on the weight loss!

Saying prayers for Carrie.

Jody said...

(((((HUGS)))) to you. I know your mind is heavy with thoughts, so I wanted to let you know I was thinking of you and Carrie and sending up some prayers to The Man.