Saturday, May 03, 2008


498, that's the number of miles the odometer on my new car says. It said 9 or 10 miles when Tom was given the keys. So I've put on 488 miles in about 56hrs. Tom almost had a fit when I told him as I climbed into bed last night. I don't blame him it makes me a little sick to my stomach to see it. I'd like to be able to say that we went joy riding or took everyone on trips to try out the car, but we didn't. I think there was one trip around the block (3.2miles).

It doesn't seem possible and I have to wonder...have I really been driving THAT much? There were a few trips that I normally wouldn't take, like to come get me and then go pick up Tom's truck after picking up the car (80+ miles) and the extra run into the city for Carrie's 2nd TODAY study appt (60+ miles again). All around though, it's status quo. I feel like I'm personally melting the polar ice caps sometimes.

Oh well, at least I know any miles put on this weekend won't be my fault. My taxi cap is being put up on the shelf. As soon as Tom goes to the dump, I'm taking the kids in the van and driving to church. It's the May conference and we'll be there all day today and most of tomorrow.

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truth said...

Holy Cow, Kim! You do drive a lot. But isn't it fun in a brand spankin' new car????