Monday, May 19, 2008

A GOOD weekend!

I haven't had a weekend like this one in quite a while. It was really busy AND I managed to get a bunch of stuff done. Friday morning was Michelle and Jess's graduation rehearsal. The kids and I camped out in the parking lot until they were done since it only took an hour. We then went to lunch and dropped Michelle off at work. On the way home I ran into the hardware store and picked up a timer for the well pump. Unfortunately after we got home I realized it only had 2 settings so not what I needed. I picked up Michelle from work and we ran to Lowe's. They had something I could use but it didn't take a 3 prong grounded plug like I needed. I was pretty bummed and thought we'd never find a solution. Fortunately I found something even better at Walmart! It took a 3 prong plug and allowed me to turn on or off the pump in 15 minute increments. Wooohoo! So now the pump gets turned on for a cycle every 45mins. Not only is it keeping up with us, it seems to be ahead of us. I did 5 loads of laundry on Saturday, 8 on Sunday and I'll throw more in just as soon as everyone has their showers (still a little leary of running out). I'm hoping to finish what's in the hall today. Then it's onto straightening up the laundry area in the basement and cleaning up some bedrooms which I know will create MORE laundry. I JUST WANT IT DONE!!!

Saturday was one of those days when you get so busy and so much accomplished you don't want to go to bed and have it end. Sean finally insisted I come to bed (kept waking up). I used to have those types of days a lot when all the kids were younger. It used to be how I stayed afloat. I'd put the kids to bed by 8 or 9 and then to go town on the house until 1, 2, even 3am. Then the kids insisted on getting older and staying up later, and we got a computer. Everything went downhill from there. lol

We managed to get quite a few things that had been bugging us done. We went through a bunch of baskets of clothes that had been sitting around the living room. The huge pile of toys in the corner of the livingroom that was threatening to take over the place is now gone! I washed a bunch of toy kitchen things and they are now in drawers in the livingroom, making it easy for Danielle to play with. She's thrilled! Sean now has a basket of clean and safe things to play with out here too. The thing about tearing things apart and taking care of makes a mess! Normal everyday things don't get done and you always end up with a few small piles that have to be dealt with. So while it looked a lot better in here, it wasn't pretty.

On Sunday I was up bright and early and started back in. Did a few more loads of laundry, cleared off and bleached down counters, cleaned a bathroom, etc. We had to leave here by noon for Michelle's graduation so I was also working toward that (only a few of us went). My dad was riding with us to the college. When he got here I saw him scan the livingroom and I could see thoughts churning in his head. I fought the urge to defend and make excuses for myself. It was like being 10 all over again. lol

The graduation was in the college gym. Two hours packed onto narrow wood bleachers while juggling a 9.5mo is not good for the back. An elderly lady sitting at the very top of our section of the bleachers passed out. We were in a back corner so it didn't distract from the ceremony too much. She seemed to be ok when they carried her out of the gym, I hope she was. Sean's favorite thing to do for most of the 2hrs was to kick the person in front of us in the back. Luckily it was Carl. He said he liked the back massage. lol After the ceremony we enjoyed the refreshments they served and then headed on home.

I had to call home for something during the drive home. I got off the phone and told Tom...the kids said they cleaned. Unfotunately their idea of clean and my idea of clean are two different things. My dad goes both ways Kim. When I asked him what he meant he said...his idea of clean is different then my idea of clean. I set him straight! No dad, our ideas of clean are probably the same. It's the degree to which we ATTAIN that idea of clean that's different.

Whether anyone believes it or not, I really do want a clean house. I know it makes life easier. The thing is...I'm a slob. My maintenance skills are nonexistant. I make piles and messes, with the full intention of taking care of them in a minute. I know what work I have to do and do it a zillion times in my head. It's the getting it from my head to doing it that's the problem. And I really have no idea why it's a problem...Laziness? Procrastination? Selfishness? All of the above? I just don't know.

Anways, back to the weekend. We walked in the door from graduation and it looked very nice in here!!! WTG kids! (or should I say Liz lol) We didn't really do anything special. Michelle and Jess were having a little celebration in her room. I let Michelle pick what she wanted for dinner and she decided to go for an easy dinner of Hofmann hotdogs, salad and chips which was fine by me. She said she'll wait for the good food for her and Val's graduation party. :o)

I took a break from the laundry so Val and Liz could each throw a load in. Still it ended like it started, with the washer and dryer going. And that's how this morning is starting too. I WILL conquer the beast! The elementary and middle school kids have half a day today for Articulation day (next year's class selection). Maybe we'll try to take control in Eileen and Olivia's room after I get back from dropping Michelle off at work. Tonight is the last soccer practice before the church's tournament this weekend. That means I'll have to get dinner done at a decent time.

PHEW! Sean just went down for a nap. I'm off to switch laundry over and get a bagel for breakfast.

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~Tammy~ said...

Way to go, Kim! Sounds like you got a whole lot done. Congratulations to your graduate! I seem to clean like my Mom- take everything apart and then put it back together, so it looks worse before it looks better.