Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bedtime Blips

Yeah! Time for a bullet post...ain't I fancy!

  • Carrie's endo called on Friday. She's still throwing protein in her urine. (I didn't realize it's been showing up since at least March '07!) So we'll be starting her on blood pressure meds very soon. She's not too thrilled to say the least.

  • Sean's been a fussbucket lately. I think he's cutting his 4th top tooth because he also chomped on me while nursing last night...OUCH!

  • My aunt from Red Creek decided to visit. I guess this would explain why I had such a horrible day the last two Sundays. While I think it's unfair and worthless for anyone who CAN'T get pg to have to deal with AF. I'm a bit relieved to have a reason (excuse?) why I could've been feeling like I have. I was starting to worry that I was getting hit with extremely delayed PPD.

  • I still haven't heard back from the people who were going to give us chickens. I'm afraid they've made other arrangements and just haven't called us to let us know. I have my eyes on a few deals at a hatchery or two.

  • Michelle's last final is tomorrow and I don't have to drive! WOOHOO! Cory was gracious enough to get up early and take her. He's also taking her to her dr's appt in the afternoon.

  • I'll probably end up driving into the city anyways. Val's been having really bad headaches again and needs to be seen before her next dr appt at the end of June. I have a feeling that her blood pressure medicine isn't working for her anymore. :o(

  • I fell back to sleep after Tom left for work and fell into a heavy dream that was extremely hard to wake up from. I dreampt we were living in a mobile home and the new owners were to move in on the 1st. The owners showed up on the 29th! I was scrambling around trying to get piles and piles and piles of stuff thrown into bags, accomodate the new owners and deal with my huge family in a mobile home. When I was almost packed I realized I still had the basement to do which was as bad or worse then the living area. When I finally snapped out of my dream I realized I had overslept and we were half an hour late!

  • I had THREE kids stay home from school today for various reasons. I'm really getting sick of this constant battle everyday! I feel like I might be > < this close to homeschooling! But if I can't get them out the door, how would I get them to complete work?

  • 1378...miles on my new car as of now. On Wednesday I was driving to school and realized it was a week almost to the minute that we owned the car. The odometer at that time read 888. WHERE are these miles coming from? I think Danielle is taking the car for joy rides in the middle of the night or something. At the rate we're going the *warranty will expire 14 mos from now. UGH! (*5yr/60,0000miles)

  • Tom hasn't gotten his promotion yet. The car payment will be due very soon. New insurance payment is due this month.

  • God made Sean VERY cute for a reason. He didn't nap for more then 5 minutes (literally) all day. He's getting faster and more curious with each passing second. His sense of humor is starting to show. He's silly!

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