Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday Already!?!

I think someone pushed our fast forward button. It seems like this weekend just flew by. I didn't manage to get much of what I wanted to get done, done. Oh well, same old same old. I ended up ramming around afterall on Friday. Val needed to be picked up at school, the kids went to activity club at church and then I took Liz to my sister's for the weekend. It's my niece's Junior prom today and Liz was her date. Since I had the car I offered to run Val back in today to help Liz with her hair and makeup. So today after dropping off Carrie at my SIL's and Michelle at work, we went back to my sisters and spent most of the evening there. We were going to stop by my parents' when Val pointed out we were short on time so headed straight to Michelle's work. We were 15mins early getting her which allowed me to pick up some milk and browse. Oh the money I could waste there. But then again it's not being wasted if we eat it (bad bad trap to fall in...thinking it's ok to spend money you don't have cause it's food)

With it being Mother's Day I've really missed my MIL. Well, I've missed her quite a bit besides this weekend but even moreso now. I often find myself lifting the lid of her old footstool and going through the bags of squares she crocheted for Danielle. (I inherited her knitting supplies and it's where she kept them). She told me she started a blanket for Danielle and I had to finish it for her. Maybe I'll get it done by the time Danielle has her own baby. lol

I hurt for Tom. I know it's hard on him to not have his parents around, to have the house being sold, to have things change in his family. Sometimes I can just see the heaviness in him. I feel guilty having both my parents to visit and talk to. It's quite noticeable that Tom has distanced himself from their house. He used to stop by all the time to fill his coffee cup. I think he's stopped by there a handful of times in the last two years. Usually when I go, it's without him. Granted I haven't been going there very much myself, what with our busy life happening. And when I do it's usually attached to a dr appt or errand and he's not with me. Still, I'm not the only one who's noticed it.

Tom and Drew finished the floor and two long walls of the coop on Fri. I was a bit disappointed to not see much progress on it when I pulled into the driveway tonight. I know Tom was really busy with other stuff, mostly everyday Saturday things....dump runs, bottle returns, and whatnot. I then learned one of the reasons things didn't get far. He left the bag of nails he bought at the local hardware store...AT THE STORE! Luckily it's a mom and pop operation and they knew him and what he'd done. You can't do too much building without proper fasteners, so he's excused. Besides I'm pretty sure he's nursing a sore elbow today from all the hammering he did yesterday so a day of rest probably did it some good. Not to mention Drew was busy today and promised to be back tomorrow to help finish things up.

When Michelle got off of work she came out to the car with something behind her back. It was a smallish cake for me for Mother's Day. She knew she wouldn't be able to keep it hidden but she tried. lol She knows I love lemon so HAD to get it. It's a lemon cake with lemon cheesecake frosting. It was in the house for about 30mins before she asked if we could cut it tonight. She wanted me to have it for my breakfast tomorrow. She cut me a piece and then tried to tell everyone the cake was too small for them to have any. I told her there was NO WAY I could enjoy this cake if I didn't get to share it so figure out how to share it. She managed to cut everyone a small piece and leave me 1/4 of the cake for my morning coffee. :oD It is the most DELICIOUS thing I've had in quite a while! I told her she just started me on a new addiction! I'm sitting here trying to fight the urge to grab a bedtime snack of it.

The kids are so funny about Mother's Day. A lot of them have had cards and/or presents made for days. It's so hard for them to wait to give them to me. I keep getting what's your favorite color (none but if I have to pick, it's usually green with yellow a close second). Mom what's your favorite food (STEAK! I could eat it all day, everyday!) and on and on. They knew what I'd say when they asked what I wanted for a gift....a clean house. Without me here and with Tom outside working, not much happened in the house toward that goal though.

My sister is bringing Liz home, I think. I told her I was coming back in to visit our mom for Mother's Day and she thought I could get Liz then. I would except that I probably won't be in until bedtime and I don't think Liz can wait that long. Or want to be out that late. For my mom, I'm baking a rhubarb only pie (no apple or strawberry added). I'm also going to be ordering her an optical mouse with some gift certificates I have. I feel bad for getting her computer stuff but they need it and she says she wants that type of it works for me too. I'd get flowers too but I don't really have the $$ for it. It's a non payday week. (they suck!)

I'm already dreading the search for church clothes in the morning. Not to mention I have to do the well water level vs the need for freshly laundered clothes for school dance tomorrow too. At least it's slated to be a beautiful day so I can hang out clothes, saving our low propane supply for hot water usage. We should get a delivery in a day or so.

Well Sean's getting heavy in my arms so it must be time to go to bed. Hope all you moms have a great Mother's Day!

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