Friday, May 09, 2008


Yesterday was Michelle's last day of school. She had one more gym visit to do, 2 finals to take and an art project to turn in. Next Tues she has her last final which should take about an hour. The following Fri she has graduation rehearsal for an hour. Graduation is Sun the 18th.

When I got up I found out that Michelle had been up ALL night working on her art project. She had to create a Rube Goldberg type machine that kept a marble moving for exactly 20secs. When she tested it at 7am the running time was 8.24 secs. ooops!

I'm such a wuss at parenting. I actually found myself starting to suggest that I get glue sticks on the way home from dropping her off, work on it while she was taking her tests and then run it back to school. Then I realized...SHE waited until the last second!!! It's not MY project (although I'd love to do one like's my kind of thing). So got over that mindset quickly. I still found myself thinking on and off all day on how she could improve it or done things differently. LOL

I felt bad for her but didn't feel sorry. You'd think with having a while to do the project, one would realize they needed glue sticks sooner then 12hrs before the project was due. (she was rummaging around my room by cell phone screen light at midnight trying to find them) She had to work with Elmer's glue instead which meant more time waiting for it to dry and less strength to hold things.

Mostly I felt bad for her because I knew she was extremely tired. It's so hard to think when you're so tired. Plus she had to walk to work and work until 9pm! She came home and crashed immediately! On the way home though she was telling me that her and a friend worked on her project during her break. They upped the travel time to over 16secs. :o) Not too shabby.

Today is a DAY OFF for Michelle, which means also for me! Woohooo! I don't have to drive anywhere tonight. I still have to take the kids to church activities tonight but that's no biggie. I keep finding myself thinking...oh, I'll do this or that. Oh, I'll pick up that...when I drive Michelle. Oops! No I can't! And a bit of giddiness creeps in. :oD The other great part of today is...Tom took today off too! So he's home. Granted his schedule is full of chicken coop building. It's still nice to see him home and relaxing a bit.

Drew and Allison visited yesterday. I hadn't talked to them in a while and it was nice. You'd think with them living less then a mile away we'd see each other all the time...but life gets in the way. I was bugging Allison about making wedding plans and her need to talk to her parents. I think she hasn't done it because she doesn't want to ask them/burden them with the financial aspect of it. I told her, the worse they can say is...You're on your own honey. And that's not too bad, we can work around that. We just need to know about it. I'm hoping she does it soon since Sept will be here before we know it (even though it seems ages away right now). They brought me Allison's old cell phone to use since mine bit the dust on Sunday and I haven't gotten to the store to see if it's fixable. I can now text and call in style with my hot magenta motorola.

They also brought their puppy, Sweet Pea. She's a very cute and tiny chiauau mix. Problem is, she causes Danielle to fall to pieces. She shakes, crys hysterically and demands to be held. We're trying to get her acclimated to it, afterall, we're on the lookout for a puppy for ourselves. Danielle even wants us to, in theory. Being a country girl she can't let things like this overcome her. So we're gently working with her to overcome her fear. She's excited about the chickens coming. I keep thinking, yeah until she realizes that THEY MOVE!!!! LOL It'll be interesting to say the least. Who knows though she might just be fine with them.

We're getting 14 layers and 2 roosters from someone who is moving and can't take them with them. I thought they might be here already but I haven't heard from the couple who we're getting them from. I hope they didn't change their mind. Oh well, even if they do, we'll still be getting chickens. We'll just be buying them and raising them from chicks. A bit more money and work involved before we get any payout, but that's ok too.

Well I have TONS that I want to do today and none of it involves me sitting here on the computer. So I have to tear my fanny from this comfy chair.

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~Tammy~ said...

Kim, how is Danielle around bigger dogs?
One of my kids was terrified of small dogs, but OK with bigger breeds.
Happy chickens to you- I sure wish we were in a place to have our own again!