Friday, May 16, 2008

Grreeeen Acres is the place for me!

Faaaaaarrm living is the life I'll lead!

Oh the country life...

I generally LOVE it but sometimes, sometimes I despise it. Like right now. I'm sitting here dozing off waiting for the minutes to pass so I can switch on a water pump. Our water setup is NOT working for us right now. We're in desperate need of a new timing system for our supply well (we have 2 that is our supply and feeds into a 2nd well. The second well is basically a holding tank and feeds the house) I manually can't turn the supply well on enough times a day to allow enough water to be pumped into the second well. Consequently that means I'm perpetually either out of water or on the verge of running out.

This results in dad banging on the bathroom door with shouts of....TAKE A NAVY SHOWER! There's complaints from teenage boys who really don't want to go to school stinky. There's requests from the girls to be brought over to church at 5am so they can take showers in the dorms there before school. There's a mom sitting here in a sleepy haze, waiting for it to be time to turn on the pump at least one more time before she climbs into bed. A mom who's ready to start the HUGE piles of clothes in the hallway on fire and declare public nudity legal! A mom who has NO idea what the kids will wear to school tomorrow and hopes something appropriate will fall from the sky. A mom who wonders if it's ok to let a 2yo wear her bathingsuit out in public, especially when the high is set to only be 60 that day.

UGH! UGH! UGH! This is ONE part of country living I wish I could change. Technically I guess I can, so I shouldn't complain. I just need to find the impossible to find parts for our timer. If it was years ago (before the 2nd well was put in) I'd have to call the water supplier every couple of days and pay over $30 for each 1000 gals they delivered right now. There are some people whose wells are dry and have NO chance at regaining water into their house. Thankfully I'm not one of them.

*fell asleep in my chair around 2:30, ran the well one last time and went to bed

Here I am 4 hrs later, ran the well, have my coffee on my desk, big kids are taking their morning shower. I'm thinking everyone will go to school today. If they do that'll be 3 days in a row that EVERYONE has gone. I don't know when the last time that was. I have to drive Michelle and Jess to their graduation rehearsal at 11. Michelle has a few hours to kill between rehearsal and work. So what does big mouth me say...We'll go to lunch....MY treat, for the graduates. I'd love to get out of it only for the fact that I don't know if I have clothes for the kids. I was thinking I might be able to run into Walmart and grab something but that would require they be wearing something already. lol

I'm thinking it might benefit me to run to the laundromat, but when and with who? The kids have activity club tonight and I am NOT making them miss that for laundry, they look forward to it all weekend. I don't want to waste a Saturday there since I wanted to stay home and get this house in better shape. Sunday is Michelle's graduation. I don't know, maybe I can find a quick solution to the timer problem at Home Depot or Lowes today.

Jake is balking at going to school. His stomach hurts! He's going to throw up! It'd be my luck that the one time I MAKE him go, he'd throw up at school. He's been successful at avoiding the 1st trip bus and is still trying to work me over for the 2nd one.

I think he just gave up. I just wrote his excuse, he went to clean up and has his bookbag. He just realized he has 20mins left before he heads out the door. So he's serenading me with the "5 More Weeks of School Left" song. Hmmm I just found out why he might've had a bellyache. I guess he never typed and printed out the final copy of a letter he needed to do. Seems no one would let him on the computer last night to do it. Yeah right, like I would let that happen. So we've had a discussion about making excuses and I've helped him with getting the assignment typed out...letting him know it's a one shot deal. Now they're all out the door waiting for the bus and I'm left feeling like I need to go take a nap!

There were other things I originally planned on talking about this morning but they seem to have been crammed into some dark abyss for now. Maybe they'll surface and I'll come back here later. Need to get another cup of coffee and start getting ready to go out the door. Hmmmm, Danielle is being pretty quiet....OH DANIELLLLLE!


~Tammy~ said...

Hi, Kim.
My MIL has a water shortage problem- and has come up with several ways of coping over the years. One was recycling wash water. Another is using captured rain water for laundry and flushing toilets. I can explain either or both methods if you would like for me to. She has a 50 gallon "holding tank" that she has to manually fill, as you do, for her fresh water. With just her now, it isn't as big of a deal- but when we visit- keeping up can be a challenge!

Lara said...

Wow! You have had a week! Hope things settle down this weekend and you can get the house and the water issue to a place where it's not so freaky :)