Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Could there be a better day?

It's November and I'm sitting outside without a coat on and no shoes! My laptop with my full coffee cup next to it on my free patio table. My butt firmly planted into one of the free chairs that came with it. Danielle is on her swingset in her own little world. Sean's in for a nap which is allowing me to stay planted. Hmmm...a chicken just tried to go through the propped open kitchen door...maybe I won't be able to sit like I thought lol. (it's always something!)

Ok that lasted long. The phone rang (note to self...bring phone outside too) which woke up Sean. So now I'm sitting here with Sean on my lap watching Michelle almost kill herself doing flips on the trampoline. But good news...Drew is coming down, getting our car and taking Michelle to work for me...YIPPPEEE! I don't need to leave the house until it's time to pick her up at 8!

There's ton of work I should be doing, could be doing...but too bad! There aren't going to be too many more days like this this year and I'm going to enjoy them. Besides, my little ones need their healthy dose of Vitamin D!

This time of the year is so busy with projects. Seems everyone has one going or has just finished. Jake just handed in his cell project, Carrie has to make her inanimate object using building materials with specific characteristics (pliablity, brittleness, magnetism, etc), Eileen's native american project is due next week, and Olivia has the turkey book report (which is actually an easy one to do). Then it's onto all the fun stuff for the holidays!

I'm actually starting to look forward to the holidays. Even if they'll be tight this year. I know the kids are thinking...yeah mom you say that every year. But this year I think they'll be surprised when it actually happens. I'd like to some things different like Secret Santas where the kids don't give gifts but are nice to their recipient. Make more of an effort to do things together like baking cookies. I think I'll ask the kids what they want to be able to do differently that doesn't necessarily involve money. I'd love ideas for anyone if they have any, so let me know. LOL...I just asked Michelle if she had any ideas and she said yeah! We can give away the chickens for christmas dinners! (the big kids hate the chickens, think they're gross)

Well my laptop battery is getting low and Sean is making me jump up and down too much so I'll have to cut this short.

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