Monday, November 17, 2008

Has it been that long?

Yikes! Over a week and still haven't gotten a post up here. I've been trying all week too. Things have been busy. I've been working on doing more around here although it doesn't show. Mostly just trying to keep up with the daily stuff, getting a few not seen but needed to be done stuff done. My lazy susan is very organized and looks great! lol

Actually most of my day is spent following Sean around and undoing the messes he makes and trying to finish fast enough so I can stop him from making the next mess. I've said many times in the last week or's a good thing he's so cute! ;o) Thing is, I know if I had this place in better order...he wouldn't have the opportunities he has now. I mean how many bags of chips have to be left on table and dumped upside down before I realize....the table's not the place for opened bags of chips (or cereal, cookies, bags of rice, canister of salt, etc...)

Needless to say sitting with him up isn't much of an option. When I do sit it's when I'm nursing or acting as a jungle gym for him and Danielle. (they are climbing all over me as I type) Perfect conditions to try to learn a new skill. Yeah right but that's what I decided. My MIL gave me her ottoman that's filled with yarn and some unfinished projects (one being a baby blanket for Danielle). She said I had to learn how to knit and crochet and continue the tradition. Last week I bought crochet hooks and knitting needles. I've been reading websites, watching videos and attempting to do it. The first night I gave up after I realized Sean had become entangled in the opposite end of the skein I was working on. Last night though...I made my first ever granny square!!! I think I might hold off on learning knitting until I have two hands open on a regular basis. Now to figure out what projects I want to attempt first.

Danielle has been entertaining us and we've come to realize she has a mind like a steel trap. The things and details she's remembering have left me flabbergasted. Right now her favorite thing is to tell everyone detail by detail which movie she watched the night before. Liz usually watches a movie with her each night. Nothing like getting the 3yo version of the Lion King. Did you know the baby lions died from the doggies (hyenas) and when the pig dumped water on the baby...he came back to life and grew up. LOL

Pat's been here for the last few days while he worked out a car situation. If everything worked out like it should...he should be driving it by now. It's been nice having him here. The little ones really appreciated him. I think he liked being around them more. I know he's worried that they won't know who he is. I was laughing last night, thinking to myself....I doubt he'll want to move back home anytime soon. It can be a bit hard to tolerate this place when you're used to semi quiet, non chaotic living conditions.

Tom's been home this week which has been nice. He's getting a bunch of little projects done that have been on the todo list for a while. He's also helping me drive Michelle (it's where he is right now). Lucky me! I think I'll like it when (or if) he retires. For now at least. :o)

The chickens are starting to crank things up a notch. We're now getting 8-10 eggs a day (maybe even more today...I've already gotten 9 this morning). It's amazing how fast they can fill up my cartons. It'll be really interesting come spring when they are in their prime for laying. Would be nice if we could sell some. Last night I scrambled up one short of 7 dozen of them. (pics on my food blog in the nav bar up above) They were yummy and everyone had as much as they wanted. I'm sure scrambled eggs as one of our meals every week will wear off quickly but for now....WOOOHOOO! Go chickens go! I'll have to start finding more recipes for things like custard and angel food cakes.

Hmmm both the little ones have fallen asleep on my lap and the couch. Think I'll attempt to get up, go potty and do some fun, exciting things like switch over laundry and fill the dishwasher. Aren't I a lucky girl! Maybe I'll even be able to make and eat something without little birds chirping for tastes. Oh wait! The first trip bus is due here in 10mins. Then I'll have vultures looking for samples. Gotta run!


One of the Cow Crew said...

Yeah, it does happen, the Littles not thinking of the Bigs as "real" siblings.

My twins were about 2 when the 2 oldest boys moved out. The second oldest was home visiting one day, when the twins were about five.

One of the twins whispered to me, "Mom, Who was Bill's Mom before you were?"

Dynamics just keep changing over the years.

Lisa said...

Sean and Addie would make quite a pair. There is no point in picking up anything until she's in bed.