Saturday, November 01, 2008

What an exhaustingly beautiful night!

Picked Michelle up from work and ran to the store. I thought for sure I'd missed the kids that were leaving for Canada since we pulled into the driveway at 5:15. But plans had changed and they weren't leaving until around 6. PHEW! Luke forgot his sleeping bag as he ran out the door. Liz took it with her, hopefully she had the chance to get it to him before he needed it.

We had a PERFECT night to go out. There was hardly a breeze and it was warm out. Couldn't have asked for better in Central NY. Most of the kids didn't even need a coat on. I won't have any pictures of the kids dressed up until Val gets home with my camera. Sean was a frog. I bought the costume really cheap after Halloween 2 yrs ago. Danielle wore the same dress she wore last year and was a princess. Olivia wore her costume from school and was a cat. Val did her makeup and it looked pretty cool, she heard a lot of compliments on it. Eileen wore a long shirt and leggings with a glittery hat and was a dancer. Carrie was a cowgirl and had on a jean skirt, boots, tank top with an overshirt tied over it, pigtails and a cowboy hat. Without the hats on, it was hard to figure out what they were though. Jake wore a dress shirt, suit vest, black glittery hat and carried a toy rifle to be a gangster. I was going to do the mom getting a beauty treatment gig with my hair in a towel and a white face mask but the kids said I couldn't wear it. So instead I wore the hooded fleece blanket that has a dinosaur face on the hood. Everyone said I was Princess Danielle's dragon, so I guess that's what I was. Tom had on his army jacket with a camo hat.

There were cars pulling in and out of our driveway all night, only one of them was trick or treaters. lol We got home, Luke left for Canada, Jake got picked up by my niece's husband, Thomas, to go out trick or treating. Liz left to go to Canada. Val's boyfriend pulled in to pick her up. Then we headed out the door. When we left Michelle was still trying to finish her pink power ranger costume. She spray painted a pair of boots white and some triangles on her shirt...she stunk!! The whole house stunk even though she did it outside and had a fan going in the house and the window open. I was joking...who needs booze, just hug Michelle. I don't know how she did in that all night.

We parked in the bank parking lot and started down the road. It's funny, all the kids knew everyone...yet I've lived here almost 20yrs and hardly knew anyone. Oh well, I'm happy. It's not like I'm lacking in friends. And if I wanted to be so integrated into the town, I could've done the work to make it happen and gotten involved.

I felt bad for the village houses, they really do get bombarded with a ton of kids. It's the only neighborhood for a while so all the people on country roads go to their houses. I was wishing I had bags of candy to give them and help them out. lol But I'm sure if they didn't want to do it, they wouldn't have. That's the thing to's voluntary and most people want to give.

Tom pushed Sean in the umbrella stroller and the little snot picked up on what was going on pretty quickly. Tom held back from taking him up to the door since he already had some candy. Sean threw a fit and was pointing at the house!!! We went up and down all the main streets and ended it at the pizzeria. They give all the kids in costume a slice of pizza. Tom hadn't eaten anything all day (BAD TOM! I keep telling him it's not healthy!) so I let him scarf down Sean's piece. We dropped Carrie off at church for the youth girls' party and pulled into the driveway at 8:30.

Michelle was putting the finishing touches on her costume and the cars were pulling in and out again. Allison got here and was dressed in her toga from Michelle's birthday party and was a goddess. Thomas pulled in to drop off Jake and Tom talked, and talked, and talked him into coming in and having a beverage. I was cringing as I saw him scan the house. It was all I could do not to throw out a bunch of excuses why things were like they were. HEY! At least my counters were clean and did you notice the pile of clean pans waiting to be put away? lol

Anyways, back to the goings on here. Janna arrived dressed as a cowgirl, then Pat and Alex stopped by on their way home from school. Pat borrowed Jake's vest for his costume and hit up the box of butternut squashes I bought at the apple farm the week before (he really liked the ones I gave him last week!). Then everyone started leaving. Thomas finally managed to break away and escape to his house. ;o) Everyone else loaded into 2 cars and headed out to Pat's house.

In the house the wheeling and dealing was going on. Bags were done, inventory was taken and the trading started. I don't think Danielle was involved so I stayed out of it. I didn't hear any cries of injustice so I'm assuming everyone was happy with the deals they made. Candy was eaten, snacks were had and then kids headed to their rooms. I sat on the couch, chatting online and nursed Sean to sleep. Danielle climbed up next to me, buried herself in a pile of towels and was zonked out in no time. I as I've been prone to do lately, fell asleep at my keyboard mid chat. UGH! I'm getting old! But we had fun and that's all that matters.

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