Thursday, May 21, 2009

Danielle's ordeal

(warning...upsetting story ends ok though)

I'd gotten the kids on the bus and was talking to Della on the phone. Sean and Danielle and I were outside with Oreo. The kids ran around while I puttered and chatted for a while. The chickens were taken care of, Oreo was napping under the table and I figured the kids had to be getting hungry since they hadn't had breakfast into the house we went. I threw a cup of water in the microwave and plopped onto the couch.

I heard Danielle and Sean doing something in the kitchen and got off the couch. One step and I heard the microwave door, two steps and I heard OW! third step came crying and then SCREAMING! I ran around the corner to see Sean standing on the chair crying and Danielle standing on the floor trying to pull her t-shirt away from her chest. My coffee cup was empty on chair (it has a cloth covered cushion). I yelled OH MY GOD! Dropped the phone, ripped Danielle's shirt off her, scooped up the phone and her in one hand, grabbed Sean by the front of his shirt with the other and ran for the bathroom. I realized I wouldn't be able to talk while dealing with this so yelled to Della...I'll have to call you back! Hung it up and dropped it in the hall. I threw Danielle into the shower and turned the hand held sprayer on her. She was blistering already.

I wasn't sure how bad Sean was and couldn't take the time to find out so screamed for Val and Michelle to get in here NOW! Val jumped out of bed, came in and examined Sean. She didn't seem to find anything but ran his hands and feet under the cold water in the sink just for good measure. (I'm not sure how he managed it but he wasn't harmed at all) We wet some towels and took them out onto the couch.

There was too much redness and too many immediate blisters for my comfort level. Not to mention that Danielle was screaming in pain. She kept telling me she wanted to go to the doctor's NOW! I felt bad for leaving Della hanging like I did so I called her back quick to tell her what was going on. Then I called the dr and told them we were heading in. I wet a kitchen towel, threw it over Danielle's shoulder and wrapped it around her arm. Then I threw a pair of undies and leggings on her, brushed my hair and my teeth, grabbed Danielle's sandals and a t-shirt for later and ran out the door. Getting her in her carseat was tricky but we managed.

I drove a bit faster then I should've (slowed down when coming to an intersection or areas where it's hard to see what's ahead very far). I had to pull over once because the kitchen towel had fallen off and Danielle insisted I fix it. It fell off a second time but we were already into the city and she was ok with letting it stay off until we got to the doctor's which was down the street. I felt so helpless. I HATE that feeling! I'm the mom! I'm suppose to fix things and make them better!

She has 2nd degree burns with a baseball size patch on her chest and all of her inner elbow being the worst hit. Her upper arm has 2 smallish blisters and between the elbow patch and her wrist is a patch of 1st degree burn. They put silvadene cream on and bandaged up her whole arm. Her chest is another bandage which is harder to keep on. It hasn't bothered her too much during the day but last night she had a hard time falling asleep. We're keeping her doped up with tylenol and motrin. She seems to have slept ok.

Danielle has been up now and I've redone her bandages. She pretty much has the main 2 spots that need attention. The little blisters are healing up already and the sunburn area is fading. Now if I could just get her chest bandage to stay put.


Thia said...

Praise God that Sean wasn't hurt. Hoping she recovers quickly. Children inevitably do.

Denise said...

How scary! I'm glad she is ok. Prayers that she heals quickly.

Mirz said...

OMG, Kim. That is so scary. Not quite the same, but I do remember something like that happening to my sister when she was a little younger than Danielle. Terrifying. So glad she is okay, and that she looks so cute and happy in that picture. Poor baby.

One of the Cow Crew said...

Oh I am so glad this wasn't worse! (((Hugs))) to you all and prayers for a speedy recovery.

Melanie said...

Oh, my goodness! Poor little girl! How scary!

truth said...

Oh I'm so sorry to hear that happened. Prayers she will recover quickly and so glad it wasn't worse and Sean managed not to get injured. I'll bet that had your heart pumping.