Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I am SOOO tired!

Between Sean sleeping lousy last night and the puppy whining and needing to go outside, I did NOT sleep much at all. All I want to do is go to sleep and forget about getting the kids up for school (although I'd get them up to baby/puppy sit! lol) And the thing is...there's no time to sleep today...Michelle has to be at work at 1:30, I'm taking Val to a local Esthetics school at 3 to take a tour and probably enroll. Then Danielle is due at her cousin's house for a birthday party/dinner.

So what's the story behind our newest addition? I have Della to thank for it. Everyone's been asking for a puppy since we had to put Shadow to sleep in Oct of '04. First we were mourning, then I was pregnant with Danielle and then pregnant with Sean and him being a baby. Now there isn't really an excuse anymore when the kids asked. But Tom wouldn't take just any dog. He wanted to get one because HE wanted it, not because it would help someone out. Thing was, he wasn't actively looking, but his sister Della was. She had found a listing on Craigslist for 2 9wk old Old English Sheepdog puppies, a brother and a sister.

OMGoodness! It's the perfect dog! Tom and Della had one when growing up (although it may not have been a purebred but it looked exactly like it) and it was an awesome dog. She could play the piano, play dead and lots of other things, I'd looked at an Old English Sheepdog puppy in the pet store in the spring of '05. Pat tried to convince me to get it for Tom for Father's Day....after all he was on sale! Yeah, only $800 down from $1000!

So I decided you can't have a chance if you don't try. I emailed the woman and said I was VERY interested in both of the puppies and told her a bit about us. And she called me! I had to drive to Rochester to pick them up. Michelle had the day off so there was no problems there. Her and Cory went with me since I had no idea what kind of a situation I was getting myself into. It sounded too good to be true and I was reserved about it until I had possession of them. By 1:30 we had possession of 2 adorable black and white teddy bears! During the ride to the lady's house, we'd decided we'd pick the male is there was no immediate preference. I picked up the girl as soon as we got into the yard. She growled at me to let her down and tried to get my fingers. She also later caught my thumb pretty good with her teeth. She did calm down after we had her for a little while. The boy was a bit more subdued and liked to be held. We decided to stick with the original plan and take the boy. I stopped by Della's on the way off and everyone fell in love with them immediately. I left without the girl.

Danielle keeps saying she's happy she has a puppy. I think she's trying to convince herself almost as much as she's trying to convince us. Now if she could just relax and show it a bit. lol She's afraid of dogs, to the point of hysterics at times. You can see she's really trying. I'm sure once he's past his nippy teething puppy stage she'll be fine. Sean he just keeps pushing the puppies head down and saying...NO! Go! Over all it's gone a lot better then I'd expected. Although the little guy is a piddler. I can find tiny puddles almost everytime we walks somewhere. He did go to the door this morning after his nap (although he made a tiny puddle on the kitchen floor first).

Pat and Alex came running over as soon as Val sent him a text with the puppy's picture. They brought their dog Iorek (pronounced "your ick", named after the polar bear in the golden compass movie). He's a great dog and treated the puppy well. At first he was afraid of the puppy.

When the puppy wouldn't leave him alone he started playing with him with restraint. He never mouthed the puppy but they ran, make attack stances and wrestled.

And after a long hard day what's better then being able to snuggle up with a sweet little girl.

A last one just because he's so cute!

The kids kind of settled on the name of Oreo. But a few of them are bristling at it especially since his black areas will turn to grey as he gets older. I still think it's a good name, so we're still discussing.

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