Sunday, May 03, 2009

I think she's a bit disappointed

Val hasn't really said too much about what went on at the mall. I know they were home a lot sooner then I expected. I think it was more of a show promo then a true casting call. At the big auditions you had to fill out and bring this huge application packet with very personal questions. Which I think is one of the things that turned off Val from trying out in the first place, she doesn't want personal things put out there. At the mall all you had to bring was one piece of paper with your vital stats....age, height, weight, email and home address type of thing. They videotaped her answering questions for a few minutes. Oh well, if she really wanted to do the show, she'd have gone to one of the main auditions. I guess there's a chance that someone will see the video and think they should investigate her more. But I don't think she's holding her breath on that one. As she said in March when we were talking about her trying out...if I want to model, I can go to an agency and try to get work.

Saturday and today was/is a conference at church. The kids had tons of fun hanging out with friends from distance churches and playing on the playground. Danielle camped out on her regular spot of laying across a swing and swinging all day. Sean learned lots of things observing all the kids on the playground and really loved the slides.

The kids have been begging me all morning to go back but I've decided not to for a few reasons. I couldn't get Carrie up early enough to assess her elbow injury well enough. Apparently it was hit by an errant chair last night. We decided to immobilize it today and have her be seen tomorrow. If we go today we'll probably end up at ER. Even if the dr can see her, she'll have to go to the hospital for xrays and I want to avoid both scenarios. While trying to make the decision on her, my back decided it wanted attention and went into spasms. Sitting in a chair, bending over or trying to look at the ground causes my lower back to protest LOUDLY and it's not letting up. We're suppose to go to my sister's for a cookout this afternoon. I'm not sure how I'll manage that either.

This week is looking to be a bit busy although Michelle has off until Wednesday. On Tuesday I have a doctor appointment for myself. It's a long time coming. I've been off my meds for way too long. Thank you to a certain person who bugged me about switching doctors and making the appointment. I kept saying I had to take better care of myself but never followed through. Now I'm finally doing it and it feels good. Thursday is Carrie's big day at the TODAY study. She has to fast which means we're due in there first thing in the morning. She'll be there all day long. Last time we did this it was hard for Danielle and Sean so I'm hoping that Val can babysit for the day. Otherwise we'll just have to make due. Maybe I can get Tom to take the day off since today is his anniversary at work (27yrs) and he gets his vacation time for the year.

Well even if I could remember what else I was going to talk about, I couldn' back is having fits. I decided to make waffles mid post which it didn't like and now I'm sitting here which it's also protesting about. I'm going to lay down a bit before I try to get ready for my sister's.

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