Friday, May 08, 2009

Tom went shoppiing

He doesn't do it very often but when he does...yowsa! It was all things we'd planned for and needed but have that chunk of money gone is hard.

He bought the fencing for the chickens so we can gain control of the backyard again. The kids don't like to go outside right now. When they do go out, they're on edge thinking a rooster is going to come after them.

Rotors and break pads for the van. It shouldn't be too long before they are put on.

His tractor has TIRES! They were hard to find and cost a pretty penny but they are pretty!!! I can't wait to see Tom turning over the garden with it. Hopefully he'll be mowing with it soon too.

We now have a pile of wood in the driveway. It's going to magically turn into a roof over the shed patio. It's where we hang out when it's hot out. Usually it's covered by a huge tarp that has to be replaced. This year Tom decided to make it permanent.

Tom told me there was a present for me at the bottom of the cellar stairs. It was a HUGE box...a 50 gallon hot water tank! Woohooo! Our current tank is old, leaking and very inefficient. I know it'll save us a good chunk of money each month and will pay for itself quickly. I let Tom know we wouldn't be here next weekend (have a church soccer tournament) so it would be a good time to install it. He said we'll see. I don't think it's high on his list right now...he's concentrating more on the outside. At least it's paid for and almost to where it needs to be. Still I wonder how long we'll be walking around it.

Now I have the dilemma of all these projects to do...which one do you do first? I'm also in the tearing things apart and organizing them mood. Oh and a painting mood. And a get outside and mow the yard mood. And a.... ARRGH!

Carrie's appointment went well. She didn't become out of it due to the glucose tolerance test. Her numbers were high although not extremely for a diabetic given 75grams of glucose. Her thyroid nodule is the same as when she had the biopsy so that's good. We're running some extra tests to check for hormone levels. Seems her aunt flo has been missing in action for over 4mos. With the diabetes there's the concern of her having PCOS. With her having had radiation when she was 2.5yo there's concern of premature menopause. I should hear the results of it during the week. She's due back in 3mos. In the mean time I really should get her up to the hem/onc clinic and to the dermatologist.

Well it's almost 7pm now. I chose to go outside and enjoy the day. I mowed a lot of the yard. Tom is working on the chicken yard. It's even more important after today. The big white rooster waited until my back was turned and tried to jump ontop of Sean. Luckily I was right there and stopped him. Sean came out with a few light scratches on his back and shoulders. Needless to say that rooster will be the first to go...probably tonight.

Now it's time to take the kids to activity club.

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