Sunday, June 28, 2009

And the week just keeps on going

Talk about last minute planning. I didn't really think through Liz's money situation in Norway until the last few days. On Thursday I decided she should probably have a bank account with a debit card so we could get her money quickly if she needs it. So Friday afternoon we were off to the bank. I wish I had my camera to take a picture of her as she walked out of that bank...she was beaming. Guess it's official now, she's an adult, she has her own bank account. :oD We ran to the store to pick up a few last minute things and then rushed back home so she could get ready for the graduation ceremony. Michelle was nice enough to stay home with the little kids so that Luke and Jake (who originally were babysitting) could go see the new transformers movie. So it was Liz, Tom, Carrie and me. Val and John came on their own a little later.

The ceremony was crowded, hot and boring like always but still, it was great to see all those kids. They were so nervous walking up to their seats on the stage. I kept thinking...they're just little babies! All the scholarships and awards were given out. I was amazed at how many of the recipients were girls. It's safe to say at least 80% of them were. I'd say it was more like 90%. All through the ceremony there were two people in the row behind us that kept having conversations. Not just comments or small tidbits but full blown, mouth running a mile a minute conversations. The amazing thing was...they were faculty! I know who one of them was, I'm not sure about the other. If I'd been sitting directly infront of them, I'd have said something. (they were behind Carrie and Val) As it is, I did shoot them a few really nasty looks. I'm thinking I may mention something (without naming names) to the principal or guidance counselor (although he's not the type that'll act on the complaint) on Monday when I take Luke in to sign him up for summer school. As much as I think they owe the parents of the graduates an apology. What I really want is for them to be reminded of proper ettiquette in those types of situation. I realize it has to be unbearable for them to have to sit through those each and every year. It's hard enough for me and I have a personal interest in it! But still, it was so rude! They could've easily slipped out into the one would've noticed or cared!

Ok...enough ranting...onto the pictures. I didn't get too many during the ceremony because my batteries were dying.

Liz just before she walked down the aisle to her seat

Liz and my nephew Pete (had another nephew graduate too but he didn't attend)

Liz and her friends...(left)Page who's going to Norway with her, (right) Jen who wishes she was going to Norway. Hopefully she'll get there in December.

Tom and I with her

Val and Carrie with her

John, Liz, Val and Carrie

Liz and one of her favorite teachers, Miss McD

After refreshments and getting pictures taken, Tom and I headed home. John took the girls to get ice cream. They then stopped home before heading back out to the movies. They went to go see the new Transformers movie too. I guess they all got in pretty late. I don't know how Liz isn't freaking out by now. She has nothing packed and she leaves in a few days! At least she knows she has everything bought that she needs.

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