Sunday, June 28, 2009

I drove all day long

It was an insane day Saturday. Michelle had to be at work at 8:30am. Liz and I realized that we never stopped at the eye glass place so she could get her frames fixed (lens keeps popping out and the arms are loose). So I grabbed her glasses before running out the door and added it to my list of things to do. It shouldn't be too hard, I just have to get my dad something for his birthday and I already knew what that thing was. Problem was, it was impossible to find! I ran to Walmart, Payless Shoes, and then Marshalls without getting him what I was looking for. I HAD to be home because Tom had to go to the dump and I still had some running to do before the graduation party at 1. I almost forgot to stop at the optical place and had double back, but they got fixed.

I ran home, Tom had the garbage all ready to go. He popped out a seat, filled the van and ran to the dump. He then had Luke and Jake load it with my the table and chairs we borrowed from my parents. I really should've returned them yesterday but I never got to it. They needed them for my dad's birthday cookout and I wouldn't be there until late because of the graduation party. So into my parents I went, unloaded the van and then immediately back home. I jumped in for a quick shower, threw some things in a backpack/diaper bag and back out we went. Next thing I knew it was 3:30 and I had to leave to pick up Michelle. The two hours I was there seemed like minutes. I left Tom and the kids at the party to enjoy themselves, no sense in all of us missing out. I got Michelle and we ran back to Walmart for a few things and then dollar store. We got back to the party about 5ish. I gathered everyone up while Michelle jumped out and said a few hellos. As I was heading to the van I had a sense that I was forgetting someone. It quickly hit me who I was missing...TOM! I had no idea where my husband was and had almost left him there! I finally found him hiding in the kitchen talking military experiences. I managed to drag him away and get him into the van. Then we were back on the road to my parents' house. We got there just before 6 which was a good thing since the firemen's field days parade was about to start. It passes by my parents house so we'd have been blocked from my parents' if it had started.

We watched the parade, had more yummy food, sat and talked. Liz said her good-byes and left with Pat and Alex to go in their hot tub for a while. I think I finally pulled back into our driveway around midnight. Needless to say, I was more then ready to go to bed. But as you can see I'm still not sleeping, don't ask me why. I'm as dumbfounded as you. Maybe I'm stressing because Liz still hasn't packed. I think my head is just so full of things that it can't shut down.

I decided that since a chicken dinner is very rare in Norway, and it's Liz's favorite meat, we'd have it for dinner tonight (Sunday). I'm going to grab a 50pc box of fried chicken from Walmart. There's also been requests for mashed potatoes. I was thinking it might be nice to try to get some ears of corn too. I already have a watermelon that we didn't eat at my dad's party. The boys are going to come over and we'll have a late dinner after Michelle gets out of work at 8.

When we were talking about Liz trying to pack everything in her two suitcases, Patrick had a brilliant idea. He suggested I get the space bags! It'd help a lot with her bedding, winter coats and hoodies. I'll try to get some when I drop off Michelle at work at 4.

Oh and did I mention we still have church in the morning with another graduation party immediately following church. I know I don't plan on sticking around the party for very long. But it's going to be hard for Liz to drag herself away from everyone so she can come home, do laundry and PACK. I'm hoping things will be cut short because the graduate who the party is for will have to leave so she can pack too. lol

I really should try to get a tiny bit of sleep before the day starts again. It's almost my wake up time!

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