Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Hmmm now how did that happen

While apologizing to Tom I somehow pushed just the right keys on my keyboard and published my post midpost. So I guess I'll be posting twice today. :o) Where was I? Oh yeah, the drive-in. There's also rumors that a REALLY fun church activity may be being planned for Saturday that my kids will NOT want to miss. (We're a fly by the seat of our pants type of church) If the church plans fall through...we'll go to the drive-in. I'm not sure if my cousin will still be here but if so...we'll take her too. I don't think they've ever been to a drive-in before. I'm sure the place will be packed. They're showing UP, Hannah Montana Movie and Confessions of a Shopaholic. We probably should've gone this weekend and seen UP, 17 again, and the newest Transformers. But oh well. (and now Tom is out the door...will have to wake the kids in about 15 mins)

It really is kind of a crazy time for my cousin to be visiting. My kids are still in school and are getting ready for finals and such. Lots of last minute outings, parties and activities...I really don't like this time of the year. The district hasn't allowed field trips this year to save money. Well most of them. This wasn't good for Eileen's teacher who usually does an annual Seward house for 4th grade. (she alternates between 3rd and 4th, taking the kids with her) So she's planned a trip for this Saturday and is having a picnic for everyone afterwards. With our plans up in the air for this weekend I haven't sent in my reply yet. So she called me last night. How awkward, to have to tell her I still don't know. I'm sure she can't understand how I could possibly not know what I'm doing in a few days. She's very much the type A personality and a planner. So not like me. She said she'd just say I wasn't coming. It felt awful! I asked if our plans fell through would it be alright for Eileen to still come? She got a slight panic in her voice and asked how MANY would there be. She relaxed a bit when I said I'd just bring Eileen and said sure, no problem. It never occured to me that my family would probably take up a whole Seward House tour ourselves. And I'm sure the thought of feeding us all wasn't a very pleasant one either.

We're dog sitting for Patrick this week. I was leary about having Ioreck here. He pretty much only listens to Pat. Well that part wasn't so bad, he listens pretty well to me. At first this seemed like a good thing. He was listening, keeping Oreo busy and we were enjoying him. Then Oreo and him kicked things up a notch in their playing/wrestling. Then two nights ago Ioreck seemed to be getting antsy with all our the kids around and in our small space. It didn't help that we were pushing the furniture around and cleaning either. Yesterday morning he grabbed at Sean's arm. So now I'm constantly keeping Sean distanced from him and watching him every second. Like I didn't have enough to do. I agreed to watch him before we got Oreo and I'm pretty sure it wasn't such a good idea. I know I'm going to have to start all over with Oreo on the nipping thing. We haven't been working on commands a few times a day like we were so we'll have to catch up on that too. And for some strange reason Oreo decided he had to pee all over the livingroom last night. He peed like 6 times in an hour which he has never done....even as a new puppy. I'm hoping he was trying to dominate over Ioreck and that it won't be a problem once Ioreck is gone. On a good note, Oreo does listen fairly well so getting back to where we were shouldn't be as much work as it was originally. I hope. I'm really looking forward to only have Oreo to work with though. It'll seem a breeze after this week. lol

I have been busy around here. Mostly making messes trying to clean. (story of my life) We cleaned out the little bedroom which ended up being the catchall room for things no one knew what to do with. It also has the treadmill in it. Eventually it was going to be Danielle and Sean's room. With Liz moving to Norway for a year though I think it might turn into Carrie's room, her room is too big for one person. We'll then move Luke and Jake up into Liz and Carrie's room and out of the library. We'll reclaim the library for books, the treadmill and toys. Danielle is ok to float around for now (she goes between carrie and liz's, or eileen and olivia's or mine and Tom's room). Sean is no where near ready to leave our room, he's still wanting to nurse all night which drives me at absolutely bonkers at times. I just keep reminding myself that in the grand scheme of things it's a short time and it'll be my last...so try to enjoy it as much as possible. Making progress around here is nice. It'll be nice to start summer vacation with the house in order. Plus on the 21st (father's day) we're having Liz's graduation/18th birthday/bon voyage party. I'm trying not to stress and just figure a picked up house is good enough, anything above that is icing. Still getting the leaking sink drain reputtied and the bathtub faucet drip fixed would be nice before people come here.

I'm also trying to temper my work with my crocheting. Or should I say trying not to allow my crocheting to take over from my need to work. I finished the body of one baby afghan, need to buy an accent colored yarn for the border. I started a second one last night and got as far as I could without another needed color I don't have yet. So then I started on a small hooded baby blanket. Although I didn't get to far on that before Sean started crying and I climbed into bed with him. I'm really enjoying the crocheting so not having computer time isn't such a huge ordeal right now. Still it would be nice to have my laptop back much less to have the 2nd computer going so there's less wrestling for the one working one.

OK...Big kids are up and getting ready for the bus. Time for me to go pay attention to things here. (and maybe do a few rows of that hooded blanket lol)

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