Thursday, June 25, 2009


I don't get's summer vacation! Why has my body decided it doesn't care about no stinkin' vacation? I'm up before the sun again. At least if Sean cooperates I should get some quiet time to myself. (he senses I'm not there and wakes up but is getting a lot better about it)

Tuesday we ran errands all day. I was only home about an hour between 9:45 am and 9:45 pm. We did double doctor appointments for Luke and Liz. Liz was REALLY happy because Luke's checkup caused the dr to suggest she get her tetanus booster and the meningococcal vax. She HATES needles and I was accused of torturing her. I told her...Hey! A mom has to have a little fun sometimes! Then it was onto shopping. Unfortunately Sean was NOT cooperating in Kohl's so Luke and I took the two little ones out to the van while Liz shopped. Guess I should thank them since they probably saved me some money. Still I think Luke could've used a look through the clearance rack. His wardrobe isn't very big. He'd have NO problem packing for a year. It'd probably fit into one suitcase. lol

We went to McD's for lunch (ate in the van since we didn't have time for the kids to play). I splurged on Happy Meals for the little ones. Liz ran into the shoe store and found her comfortable black shoes she needed (but she found out they are FAR from comfortable right now). I also ran into radio shack and bought her a European plug adapter for her laptop. Then we RAN through Walmart because I had to be home to get Michelle. So it was home for a quick bathroom run, dump the little ones off on Luke and Carrie until Tom got home and then back out the door with Liz and Michelle. After dropping off Michelle at work we ran back to Walmart to finish what we'd started earlier. We were racing the clock again because Liz had to be at a youth girls' gathering by 7. They were having a surprise going away party for the 3 girls going to Norway. With minutes to spare we ran into Marshalls so Liz could find the elusive black pants she needed. I was throwing pairs at her saying....try this on, and this one and.... We were in and out of there in record time. Although we had time for her to pick out a new purse and me to grab a few packages of clearance tights and a gift for my niece who's already in Norway. We were also drooling over the luggage. I may have to go back tonight and buy a big one.

We got home, I defrosted the shrimp I'd bought for her to bring, threw it on a tray with a container of cocktail sauce, covered it with foil and ran back out the door with the big kids. Liz to my nieces house down the street. Luke and Jake to the church grounds for some manly activities. (I think they played baseball) I finally got to go home and sit down but only for an hour. After that the 4 little ones and I headed back to the city to pick up Michelle from work. I was SO happy to pull into the driveway for the final time! (Liz, Luke, Carrie and Jake got rides home from church activities or managed to get invited to spend the night somewhere else)

While in Walmart it hit me....Liz really didn't have time to go spend the night at my sister's house this week. Liz and Jess (sister's oldest) are great friends and they wanted to spend some last minute time together. I suggest to Liz that she call Jess and see if she could come over to our house for a few days instead. I was going to pick her up after picking up Michelle but my sister decided it was best for her to drive her out....she was right! I think I'd have fallen asleep while driving if I'd had to do that. I was SO tired and conked out shortly after getting home. I hate when people say it but...I'm getting old!

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