Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Finally some computer time!

I do believe this may be the longest time I've gone without sitting at a working computer (although I've been known to sit and just stroke the keyboard when our computers have been down or there's no electricity lol). Sharing one computer for all of us just sucks! Not that I'd have tons of time to be on here anyways.

Tom was on call last week so ALL the running was on me. And wouldn't you know it, Michelle's schedule has her in and out of work almost all week before Tom even gets home. Oh well, at least I'm not gone during the evenings, I hate to be gone then.

Having said that, I won't be around here much this week. My cousin from Florida is due at my parents' house for the week. So I'm sure I'll be over there. I'm already planning on the little girls staying home on Friday (it's field days/spring olympics) and making pulled pork for everyone for dinner. Of course we'll have to be back by 7 so the kids can go to activity club. They wind down activities for the summer and are having their last meeting this week.

We WANT to go to the drive-in on Saturday although things seem to be working against us. We were originally we going to go on Friday but see note above. So then it was Saturday which I wasn't too keen on since there'd be no way we could drag ourselves out of bed for church. (OOOPS! I was so busy typing that I lost track of time and forgot to wake up Tom for work. So now he's running late. BAD WIFE!)

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