Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Driving lessons

Michelle is finally doing it. She's trying hard to overcome her anxiety about driving. Her friend Sarah gave her permission to use her car to practice driving with. Our car is a standard so it's a bit too much for Michelle to learn all at once. She's driven the van but it's a beast and pretty touchy in the steering and brake department.

We went out this morning and she did pretty good! She drove the back roads to the school and she puttered around the school parking lot a bit. I had her pulling into parking spaces so she could get used to judging the turning radius and spacing around the car.....not too shabby. We practiced turning corners. It's an area she needs to practice and I told her it's totally an experience type of learning thing. She drove on some back roads again, practicing right hand turns. Then she ventured onto a few main roads because the car needed some gas. She did really well with keeping the car within the lines. Pulling up to the pump she gave it a bit of spacing but she did it...that's all that matters.

Then we drove the main roads again, went in a bunch of circles (or squares as she called them) practicing turning corners without stopping or flying around them too fast. Then back home. Total road time....over 1.5hrs. She's actually going to attempt to drive to work today! We'll have to leave half an hour earlier since she can be a bit slow at times. Hope everyone on the roads is patient with her.

Val came out last night. She didn't have classes today so spent the night at Brittany's house. She needs some hours doing waxing so she's talked me into being her "client" and get my legs waxed. (Michelle and Brittany are doing it also) On Fridays it's Family and Friends' day which means discounted rates for their services. Since the girls are still new, it's discounted greatly to the awesome price of free. So I'm letting things grow and looking a little rough around the edges right now. lol

PHEW! I almost forgot the school kids! I heated up a cup of coffee. As I was pouring in my milk the clock caught my eye...Oh rats! Time to get the kids! So now they're home and I have a lukewarm cup of coffee I can drink for the next 45mins until we need to leave.

Hmmm Sean just came in out of the pool in a fit of tears. He's gone and jumped into bed with the door closed....I should probably see what's what and get him out of his suit before he decides to pee where ever he's standing/laying.


joven said...

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Betsy said...

Hi Kim! Thanks for visiting my blog! I had to come over and see who belonged to that pretty face on my followers group! :) I enjoyed reading your account of the driving practice. Brought back memories of teaching my son to drive. Some parents hate it and are stressed but you seemed to enjoy it today and take it all in stride. I tried to do the same and it was actually enjoyable. Well, I will admit to my right foot slamming an imaginary brake now and then! LOL!