Thursday, July 29, 2010

Here she is!

Drew sent this picture to Michelle this morning. Not exactly sure when it was taken.

meghan louise

Happy Family Before (7/26)
7/26 - 21:20

Happy Family After (7/28)

Drew getting ready to go into the OR

Video I took for the kids at home. I was trying to capture her crying so Sean could see it. Unfortunately I ran out of memory just as she started crying. Why did I have so little memory left? Because I forgot to take my memory card out of the card slot and put it in my camera!!! So I only had internal memory available. Ironically I did this just after yelling at the kids for using my camera since they almost killed the battery I'd just charged and left the memory card in the computer.

Ignore the voices in the back talking about a baby....they were talking about a different baby, not Meghan.


~Tammy~ said...

What a beautiful baby! I played the video, and her little cheep of a cry brought my dogs running. Meanie me, I have played that bit several times while they look everywhere for the source!

Mrs. Huse Clifton said...

She is so sweet. What a beautiful baby.

Thia said...

She is absolutely beautiful!

16 blessings'mom said...

As my mother would have said, she's a keeper!! So sweet! Congratulations, Gramma....