Friday, July 30, 2010

Back up to the hospital

Thursday night...

I dropped Michelle off for her last day of work at her old store. She starts Monday at the new store and has a very interesting schedule. She starts work at 6am...that means we have to leave here by 5:20!!! The rest of the week she goes to work at 7 or 7:30. This is causing a slight problem, as that's when the school kids have to be at school (7am). So it looks like they'll be getting to school a little early one day and a whole lot to be a summer school student. I could make them ride their bike but they'd have to leave at the same time they may as well get a ride. Besides, I'm not even sure if we have decent bikes for them to ride.

After I dropped Michelle off I went to the hospital to see the kids. Meghan looks a lot smaller today then she did yesterday. I guess Drew mentioned the same thing this morning. She's giving Allison a hard time with nursing. She's not latching on or nursing well at all. Hopefully tomorrow she'll be better about it. She's looking a bit jaundice to me already so I hope she cooperates and starts mega nursing.

And now it's Friday morning...

So now it's time to get things going for this weekend. With things the way they are, it looks like I'll have to be more organized then ever. And now I have less time then ever to get it done. Our original plan was for us to camp out there...starting tonight, but I finally made a decision and said we'd commute. Seeing as the tent is in a broken down mess in the backyard (every time it rains it collapses!) and how this week has gone...I think I made the right decision. I told the little kids that we'll have to start a summer conference fund and collect money for it throughout the year, and hopefully I won't have any other commitments to get in the way by then.

My plans to hang out over there all day Saturday even though things don't start until that evening have changed. Allison should be discharged on Saturday. Since most of my kids haven't been able to visit them in the hospital, thanks to a really strict visitor's policy, we're going to try to let them get a chance on Saturday (otherwise it'll be Wed before they can see Meghan for the first time). Problem is, I have a time constraint...youth meeting starts at 8 Oh and I haven't told my parents we were planning on using their house as the meeting place. lol I figured they had more space then Drew's and Allison's apartment and it would allow Drew and Allison to just leave when they'd had kicking anyone out needed.

First on the list is making a list of what we'll need for meals and whatnot...which I'll do as soon as I finish up here. Then it's buying the ice cream for the grill. I'll be running out in an hour or so to get it and bring it directly to the big freezer at church. Oh yeah! I have to clean the little freezer that we'll be stocking when the grill is was turned off and closed for a while and is a little mildewy. Then back home to get the kids ready. They've been stuck home for long enough...I'll take them with me to finish up grocery shopping. Then it's back home to prepare and package up the food.

It's now well past when I wanted to leave. Everyone's ready to go out the door, so time to put this puppy to bed.

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