Thursday, July 15, 2010

Try, try and try again

I've been trying to get an update on here for weeks. Life has been pretty busy and then we were down to one computer...and it wasn't "mine". That meant online time was to a minimum. Actually I haven't minded for some reason, my motivation to be online socially has diminished greatly. It's a good thing in a sense because I've been paying more attention to things around here. Of course at the moment you wouldn't know it by looking at my living room and kitchen, but we can see it. I've already told the kids they are hitting those rooms before swimming this morning. It's going to be HOT today so it's best to get it done early.

Allison will be having her baby in the next few weeks, I CAN'T WAIT!!! It's made the transition from Sean being a baby to a big boy a lot easier. From some comments he's made, I think even Tom is dealing with some feelings on being absolutely done. Although we have been talking about him retiring a lot lately, which is also exciting.

Val moved out on Monday. She's going to school to learn Aesthetics (skin care and makeup). The school is practically across the street from my parents' house so she's staying there for the next 16wks. She's one of 2 students and the teacher is pretty young. I'm hoping it turns out to be what she expects and needs.

Michelle had an interview at the same store she works at but in a different location. It's a full time job and most likely she'll get the job, she should be hearing tomorrow. The neat thing is she was going to ask for a transfer to that store at the end of summer. She's planning on moving out and into that area then.

Liz is gone for the month. She's working over at our church conference center. Mostly she's working in the kitchen, feeding the other workers. She's also doing general maintenance...painting, grounds work, etc.

Luke and Carrie are doing the summer school routine again. We're working with the peds oncology KNOT (Kids now off therapy) clinic to help Carrie be successful in school. They already have some good things started, hopefully it'll be what she needs.

We're working with Sean to WANT to be in undies. He uses the toilet a few times a day. Unfortunately he has no desire to do it ALL the time and wear undies.

The rest of the kids are enjoying their summer vacation....swimming, bonfires, bike riding and being lazy. And now I'm publishing this before it sits in never neverland like all the other attempts.


~Tammy~ said...

So glad to hear from you, Kim! I have been wondering if everything there was OK. Glad you posted!

My grandson Tyrel is one day younger than Sean. DD got him potty trained with the promise that he could go to work with Daddy sometimes, once he was potty trained. Ty just got to go to work with Stephen Monday.

I know that Tom isn't in the type of job where you could try this, but maybe you can find something else that will motivate Sean!

Thia said...

It's good to hear from you Kim! What a crazy summer it has been for everyone and it's not over yet! Everyone seems to be doing well. I hope you are finding enough time for crocheting.

Denise said...

I've missed reading about your family. You've got lots of exciting changes happening!!

Donna said...

Love seeing a new post would hate it if you went away for good. You have so many great things coming up and happening with your family. Lots of well wishes for a continued good summer.