Thursday, July 29, 2010


I didn't mean to bail on everyone. My cell was on the verge of dying so usage was limited. I left the hospital and reality took over. I was exhausted, left the hospital and went to my mom's where I took a nap and had a bite to eat. Then went home where the clamoring kids, dinner and then bed took over.

My granddaughter is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I'm dying to be able to love on her more then a few minutes in a much more relaxed atmosphere. I have some pictures and even a video to show but I need to get Drew's permission before sharing it. He hasn't announced any details online yet (he never thought to bring the laptop). I don't want to step on his toes...he should be the one shouting it to the hills for all to hear. (but you guys here are a little different)

Anyways, baby and mom are fine. Allison looked like a totally different person in recovery. She was EXTREMELY exhausted and a bit upset last I saw her (before the birth). She did NOT want a c-section! I'm pretty sure it's because she would love to have a large family (they've mentioned 8 kids before) and she's worried a section would mess up those plans. Plus who's ever happy to have major surgery?

Baby's stats are....

Meghan Louise
7lbs 8oz
21 inches
Time...approx 1:45 (Drew didn't pay too much attention to the time)

The funny this is, I KNEW the baby's name. I didn't know it before she was born. They were keeping it a secret and had one of two names that they were trying to decide between (that they didn't share with me ahead of time). If you'd asked me what I thought they were going to name her before I held her, I'd have said Chloe. With her in my arms I asked...What's her name? Drew told me to guess. I looked at her and then at Drew and said...Megan (how it was spelled in my head). You could've knocked me over with a feather when he said I was right!

The kids and Tom did a pool...guessing the birthdate, time, weight, length and name. Olivia was the only one to guess it would be the 28th (which also happens to be the anniversary of my MIL's passing....4yrs). Sean got the time right with a guess of 1:41 (don't ask me how he said that, but that's what's on the chart). Tom was the winner in the weight department with a guess of 7lbs 14 oz. Eileen said 21 inches and Jake actually got the name right!

I'm going to call Drew in about half an hour and see if it's ok to share my pictures. So hopefully I'll be back really soon with Miss Meghan.


Thia said...

Congratulations! I'm sorry things did not go as planned/hoped. I did just read an article that said some major medical group is reversing it's opinion on VBACS. So when the time is right and they start thinking of #2, she can start researching what led to the section and see what can be done...lots of great books out there. Meanwhile, ya'll enjoy that cutie...I know she's a cutie w/o seeing one picture!

~Tammy~ said...

Congratulations, Granny! (What will you be called?)
Have a blessed time snuggling with the little bundle of love!

16 blessings'mom said...

Congratulations, Gramma! I cannot wait to meet her! Such a pretty name, too! (although I love Louise so much, I would use it as a first name...I couldn't use it because it doesn't go with out last name....) And I am very sorry that I was right about the c-section...the doctor's just cannot accurately guess those baby's weights in utero....Poor Allison...I wish her a speedy recovery....