Saturday, July 02, 2011

Ahhh the glorious sound of nothingness

As exhausted as I was earlier, my day wasn't done. After cuddling with the little ones for a bit I jumped into the shower and tried scrape the paint off of me. By the time I was getting out...Sean was crying that he wanted to get in. He had the whole tub to himself since Danielle didn't want to bother getting in. While I couldn't relax a bit with him in there alone, he had a blast stretching out as much as he could.

Carrie has gotten the fixing her room bug now. She started pestering me to help her start until I finally relented. Her ceiling is now painted (she's too short to do it, even with the broom handle added to the roller) and I "spackled" her wall. I use the quotation marks because it's really a redneck spackling job. I covered the holes with multiple layers of brown packing tape. I tried it on Olivia and Eileen's walls after we discovered a pretty decent size hole we'd missed behind some drawers. I went over it with some sand paper to take the gloss off and help that paint stick to it and taaadaa! A spot that looked like it had been spackled by an amateur, so it matched the holes with real spackle on it. lol

Now everyone is in bed and the house is quiet. As tired as I am, I need to unwind before heading to here I am...listening to the clock ticking and Carrie's kitten purring next to me. I meant to wish all my Canadian friends a Happy Canada Day in my last post but it slipped my mind. Sorry. Hope it was a festive day for everyone north of the border. I now have my battery charger for my hopefully there'll be some visual aids posted in the very near future. I'd thought to post some pictures from the past non posting months but that would require me to get on the kids' computer which I'm not willing to attempt right now. Ok...guess I unwound enough. My eyelids keep trying to stay shut.

Happy Saturday everyone!

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Thia said...

It's good to see you posting again Kim!