Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Oh what a day!

As I stated earlier in a previos post....I had lots of plans for the day...painting, carpet ripping out and maybe even laying down some tiles. It was 1pm before I finally got my fanny upstairs to work on the girls' bunkbed. Just as I started making a mess painting Liz came upstairs to start work on her room. She nonchalantly asked me...doesn't Carrie have to leave soon? Me....Leave to where? Liz...her dr's appointment. OH SHOOT! It totally slipped my mind. Must have slipped Carrie's too because she was taking a nap at the time and we had half an hour before we needed to leave. So like a smart girl I put everything away...NAW! I decided to paint as much as I could, as fast as I could. Talk about a mess!!! I was working upside down from the floor and had black enamal paint EVERYWHERE...including my body. It looked like I tried to paint with my forearms. I finished the half pint can I had just opened and tried to look as presentable as possible. I wasn't too successful.

On the way to the dr's I scratched my chin and suddenly it was pouring out blood. I felt like my dad with his blood thinners. Of course there wasn't a thing inside the car to contain it. I had blood all over my hands and it was gross. So when we pulled up I hit the trunk release, locked the doors of the car and joined Carrie to search for the paper towels I knew were in there....and I found them.

I cleaned myself up as much as I could and we went into the doctor's. Carrie had to have a sono of her thyroid done. It was a recheck of the nodule that she has aspirated in Feb of '09. We knew it was still there, it felt the same, no big deal...just an easy peasy sono. Well, you know how the story goes with Carrie...nothing is easy or straight. The dr checked things multiple times and compared films from last year to this one. Then he told us the news. She has the orignal one on the right side and it's still the same size. BUT he also found 2 other nodules on that side. AND there was one on the left side which wasn't there previously. He thinks removal of her thyroid is probably best. I'm not so sure I'm ok with being so quick about it. Carrie says...let's just get this done and over with. She hates getting them aspirated and doesn't want to have to do it on a regular basis or have to worry about it. I don't think she realizes that she'll have to take medicine for the rest of her life. Then again, I guess she already is for her diabetes and high blood pressure. In my mind it's different because the lack of thyroid meds affects how you feel a lot more. He did do a few blood tests to see if perhaps she has a certain condition (he didn't name it) that creates nodules and by taking thyroid meds it will reduce them. Either way, she will be taking meds, it's the surgery part we're not sure about right now.

So after bloodwork (she had to get stuck twice...poor thing with tiny veins) we headed out to the car. I realized I wasn't holding my keys and asked Carrie if she had them. Nope. We checked all the areas we had been in and didn't find them. My heart sunk. I knew the car was locked and it was the only set of keys we had. We get to the car and yep, all the doors are locked. No keys are to be seen so then I remembered....I probably put them down in the trunk and forgot to pick them up when we walked away. After talking to Tom it was decided we'd call Hyundai's roadside service and see if we still qualified (wasn't sure of the mileage limit of the coverage)...and we did. So she sent a locksmith out. Our 2:30 appt was now running into 5:15. Carrie and I chilled outside in some shade while we waited for the locksmith.

The locksmith got to work and wedged open the door slowly but surely. Then took a tool and tried to hit the lock switch. It would lock but wouldn't unlock. Could the car detect the door was wedged opened? I asked him if he could grab the manual lock with the tool and he did and it was unlocked. Unfortunately as soon as I pulled the handle from the outside, the alarm went off. What I didn't realize was that it also shut off the electricity to everything...including the trunk release on the door. We couldn't get into the trunk! We tried multiple things to get in there (jump wiring the trunk switch, picking the trunk lock, pulling out the backseat, trying to manually pull the backseat release IN the trunk). To say that I'm confident that my trunk is safe from burglars once they trip my car alarm is an understatement. Fortunately in conversation the locksmith mentioned that the key code written on the original invoice would all allow us to make a new key. I rifled through the glove box and found the invoice! Unfortunately he hadn't brought his key cutter because the assistance report said we had the keys, just not access to them. So he had to run to the dealership which closed within the hour, get one made and bring it back. I turned the car on, hit the trunk lock button and taaadaaaah! had my keys in hand. Her "easy peasy quick" appointment starting at 2:30, ended at 7:15 as we pulled out of the driveway.

The locksmith let me in on something as he was getting in his car. He was a spiritual man and felt more anointed that morning then most. He was also going to turn down my job but decided at the last second to accept it. He said he truly believed that God kept me in the dr's parking lot in order to save me from something. Whether it was an accident, a bad situation or whatnot he didn't know. He just knew that God thought the parking lot was a safe place and it would be best I stayed there. I let him know that he could be right because I believed that God gives me all things for my best, whether I like them or not. We then went on to have a lengthy conversation that included gov't and corporate conspiracy and such. He was an interesting person to say the least.

Carrie and I were famished since we hadn't eaten since breakfast, which we hardly ate actually. We stopped at a KFC and ordered meals. Carrie then reminded me that I was going to order us a few wings to share. So I ordered them after our meals were made. I went to pay for them and the cashier said, no, you're good! Wooohooo! Free wings!!! As we walked out the door I said to Carrie...God wanted me to stay in the parking lot all day so I could get free wings. lol

I was suppose to pick up Eileen and Olivia from my sister's but as I drove I got a headache that kept growing to the point of not being able to think straight or hardly keep my eyes open. I pulled into my parents' driveway, grabbed a cup of coffee and 3 ibuprofen, called my sister and asked her to bring them over...which she did. Thankfully the rest, coffee and ibuprofen did the trick and the headache was reduced to a dull roar shortly thereafter. We visited my parents, then ran through wegman's to pick up things for our trip to the beach. We pulled into the driveway about midnight. So much for running to the appointment and getting right back home to get some work done.

I thought I posted this before going to bed that night, but obviously didn't. So I'm posting it now.

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