Saturday, July 16, 2011

I forgot

I had a funny and a milestone to share.

Some people around here have been Planking. My kids try to find someplace to plank whenever we go somewhere with a camera.

The other day I heard Sean yelling from the bathroom. Jake got up to investigate and yelled for me to come quick. I ran to the bathroom thinking something was wrong and found this....

He had been yelling....I'm planking! I'm planking! One of the younger girls ran to get the camera as I stood there laughing.

Later that day Liz passed out blow pops to everyone. Danielle came running up to me all upset that her tooth broke. I assured her it hadn't broken. That her loose tooth had fallen out. She is well on her way to the Jack-O-Lantern look with the next tooth really wiggly.

Just had to share


Terri Bonin said...

How funny! I sure hope I never have to plank, though lol!!

Cousin Barb said...

I've never heard of this "planking" I'll have to ask my kids about it!