Tuesday, July 05, 2011

HELLLLOOOO World Wide Web!

We've been without internet for a few days now. It's amazing how often we'd refer to something that needed the net. Go google this, look up the directions to that, see what time the other thing is happening. How did we manage to survive without all this information at our fingertips in seconds? What do people without computers do? My dad actually gets mad (since he's not a big internet user) at how presumptuous society is that everyone wants and has internet connections. Newspaper referring to their website for more details on a subject/article. News reporters that say a phone number or such to an organization they were promoting can be found on their website. I was amazed to find that my brother's phone book for the big city was purely yellow pages/business numbers. On the front cover there was a notation that residential numbers could be found at whitepages.com. So I guess you're out of luck if you don't have a computer or can go to the library.

OK...enough of that. I discovered we didn't have internet when I tried to get on here and talk about my Saturday. Drew and Allison came out and set up a tent to spend the night. I got to see Meghan for almost 24hrs!!! woohooo! The amazing thing is that I also had my camera in my possession, the battery was charged and I had an sd card...all at the same time, so I could take pictures!

Meghan went in the pool for the first time. Actually it was the first time she went in a body of water larger then the bathtub.

Hmmmm I think I like it.

Yeah, this is fun playing with my the kids.

I'm not so sure about doing this on my own momma.

Well, if you think I can do it...I'll try.

I guess this isn't so bad

You know, this is really fun!!!!

Just don't let Uncle Seanie splash me...EVER AGAIN!

Before Drew and Allison arrived I was taking pictures of all the greenness outside so I could show you Tom's awesome yard. It'll probably be the next post, later today. Right now I think I'm going to go finish painting the girls' bunk bed and rip out some carpeting.

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