Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Our backyard

Out our back door and to the left is the pool, broken trampoline, chicken coop and the basketball hoop I often use to show how deep the snow is in winter posts.

To the right is a hedgerow and another lot

On the otherside of the hedgerow is Tom's main garden...tomatoes, cukes, zucchini, yellow squash, green peppers, cabbages. What you don't see is beyond that garden and behind the garage (which is our neighbors) is another huge plot with corn and pumpkins.

Looking into the backyard from the house side of the hedgerow. The little bit of greyness next to the 2 large bushes is a bridge. We have a ditch/creek across the property which has running water in it during the wetter seasons.

At the back of the yard (but not the property) is what we lovingly refer to as Cambodia. Tom and Billy built a shelter out of logs slashed together when we first moved out here....very primitive. It was mentioned that it looked like a Cambodian hut and the name has stuck even after it was taken down and the 2 sheds were built. The lighter roof in the middle was added on afterwards and is covering a stone patio. It's where we hang out most of the summer.

Between the jeep and the chairs is our firepit for bonfires. To the right is a table we usually use when grilling on a broken down weber grill sitting on a huge log. The three chairs in the center are the ones I've spray painted last week.

Cherry tree on the left, Flag pole which sports an eagle that Tom carved on the top and a neglected green house that Billy built. Plans right now are to pay attention to this next season. The topic of how it should be rebuilt are the subject of many discussions (with MINE being the right one lol). Behind the green house is our very neglected strawberry patch. I didn't get in there and weed at all this season. We'll be digging them up, retilling the area and replanting in September. The blueberry bushes are on the right of the greenhouse. We got about 10 berries from them this year...a new record. The wildlife manage to chew the bushes almost to the ground every winter. So we'll be building something to protect them this fall.

Looking from the firepit up to the house. Three smaller gardens...my flower/weed garden, the rhubarb and then the asparagus, hops and misc other annual crops. Right now it's corn and radishes.

Taken from inside Cambodia...Sean enjoying some quiet time on the yard swing with the apple trees in the background.

Oh the plans we have...if only the contraints of time and money could be lifted.

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