Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm meeeelting!

I don't see myself doing too much sleeping tonight. At 12:20 it is still 90 degrees out with a feel like of 99, I'm dripping wet. I'm trying to plot a way to sleep in the swimming pool but it's not coming. I will be jumping in there very soon though.

Even with the heat I've managed to get a few things done around here. I gave the dog a bath and applied his flea medicine. (Pet Armour from Walmart) His itching has greatly decreased and I don't see any fleas on him right now. Hopefully it'll allow his skin to heal and his fur to grow back in. Now if we could just take care of Carrie's kitten. She's taken to going potty in front of the kitchen sink for some reason. I've washed it with bleach, ammonia, and bathroom cleaner yet she still goes there. Tonight I put out some black pepper in the hope of discouraging her.

Anyways after the bath and meds I painted the dresser we picked off the side of the road. It is now a shiny black enamel (from the dollar store) like Eileen and Olivia's bed. It'll probably end up in their room. Right now it's in mine while it dries thoroughly. I also scrubbed down the back wooden stairs with Oxy-Deck brightener/cleaner. (from the dollar store) It is now ready to be stained Honey Oak with some Olympic stain (from the dollar store). I then managed to paint one of the main walls in the house without too many incidents. It's the wall we call the telephone wall. It's about 3ft across and goes from the living room into the kitchen/dining room. I painted it brown with Dutch Boy's brushed suede textured paint. (from the dollar store) I'm not too sure I like the texture (it's chalky/flat) and I'm not sure how it will hold up in such a high traffic area. I spray painted the light switch cover with chrome duplicolor auto paint (from the dollar store) and I'm wishing I could use it to cover everything. lol

In case you didn't notice....the dollar store has been bery bery nice to me lately. It's a local one and can be pretty hit and miss....which also depends on which store you go to. (they have multiple locations) It's where I bought the self stick vinyl floor tiles for the addition....3 for $1. (15 cases....675 tiles) ahhh a slight breeze! At the other store I bought 10 quarts of Glidden eggshell paint...buttered sweet corn (yellow) which will cover the rest of my kitchen walls. Along with 8 quarts of Dutch Boy's granite textured paint in Ashen (blue) which I'm thinking of trying in the small bathroom (about 6x9). That'll probably be the next project once this oppressive heat subsides. I already have the molding taped. (stupid bug just flew down my shirt!!!! laptop is the only light source around so it's attracted to it/me)

Luke and Carrie are half way done with summer school. YAY! except for the fact that summer vacation will almost be over by the time they're done. Today while out I finally remembered to buy Luke's grad party invitations. So that's at the top of the todo list this week. Aug 20th seems so far away, yet I know it'll be here before I know it. With me scrambling to get things done even though I've been doing them all along.

This weekend will be busy. Saturday will be Meghan's 1st birthday party! Allison and Drew are going all out and are keeping it a secret from us. *sulks* Then Sean will be turning 4 on Sunday. We'll be keeping it very low key. So while out today I got presents for both of them and Danielle who's birthday is next month. I was hoping to add something crocheted to Meghan's present but not in this heat I'm not making it! It'll have to be a Christmas present instead.

Well I'm leaving sweaty fingerprints on the keyboard. Now that it's 90 degrees with a feel like of 101 (at 1:19am) I think I'll publish this puppy and go swimming. that I'm recovering from a slight panic attack (phone just rang...wrong number. Still can't help but think it means bad things at this hour. I'm really going to try and cool off in the pool. Looks like Sean will be joining me since he's wide awake and looking for a drink now.


~Tammy~ said...

I was going to suggest chalkboard paint for your telephone wall. That way messages can be chalked on it and the littles can draw under your feet instead of out of sight.
Try saturating the kitty spot with some citrus cleaner/ spray. cats are not supposed to "like" citrus.

Sounds like you are getting so much accomplished! My DD had her baby the day after Sean was born... hard to believe they will be FOUR Sunday and Monday!
Have a blessed day!

Kim said...

Hi Tammy,

I actually thought of chalkboard paint for that wall....but just part of it. Then decided to paint a board with it instead. Unfortunately the board isn't hanging up, it ended up broken and in the trash. I also had the thought to cover it with cork to use as a giant corkboard.

The pepper didn't work so I'll probably try the citrus idea next...thanks.

Happy Birthday to your daughter and grandson!

Coupons said...

This kind of weather is not very conducive to sleeping. I totally sympathize!