Thursday, March 20, 2008

Aaaah! I finally got one...

I got to take a HOT shower, alone, for as long as I wanted, without anyone knocking on the door! Granted, it was 5:30 in the morning but still I'm not really sure when the last time that's happened. I guess there've been some 2am ones but even those can be interrupted by Sean waking up. Just having the fear he'll wake up while I'm in there and wake up Tom can put a damper on the experience. Besides I'm usually too exhausted to enjoy it.

So what were all the pieces that had to fall into place for me to get this treat....
  • A DEEPLY sleeping baby
  • A day off from school
  • Me waking up on my own at 5:30am
  • A husband pulling a double shift :o(
Yep, with all the rain last night Tom ended up having to go into work at 11pm and will work until 3:30pm today. I wish he didn't have to. I hate when he has to. It makes me look forward to the day he retires a bit more. BUT I'm sure I'll appreciate the extra cash when he gets it in 2wks (we sure can use it, things are tight around here again).

I've been waking up really early a lot of days. Probably because quite a few of times I end up falling asleep when I put the little kids to bed at 10 or 11pm instead of my regular midnight - 3am gig. Usually I'll wake up lay there thinking and thinking (and do ALL my work in my head) not wanting to get up and risk waking up anyone else. Quite often I'm playing the...nurse the baby back to sleep before you HAVE to get up with the school kids, race against the clock game. Or I'll just doze on and off, usually mixing in a pretty vivid dream here and there.

Today's a staff development day so the kids have it off. It was so nice this morning to jump up looking for the clock, thinking we might've overslept, only to realize...there's no school today!!! If school was in session today, I'd have been using the bathroom during the time frame that Val and Tom usually get in there. A later shower means a cold or lukewarm one at best, after all 8 or 9 people have used it before that. We do need to replace the hot water heater though. I'd like to get on demand tankless heaters but I doubt that'll happen.

Well guess my day has started....Sean is done nursing and Olivia just came from her room upset. Seems she just had a dream that she went over the falls. :o( I HATE those types of dreams!


Anita Ann said...

Ahh long hot showers without interruption...I do miss those and I only have four kids.

Mirz said...

I don't think I would get anything done at all if I didn't have my 5:30 "me" time. Though, for me, it usually starts at 5:00...or even 4:00. Though, even still, I hardly manage to get a nice, hot shower in there.