Friday, March 07, 2008

Back in they go!

Yep, I had to take the kids back to the doctor's on Wedneday. Luke was feeling worse on day 4 of his meds then he had been when I took him in for the throat culture. Eileen and Liz were complaining of stomach pains and along their diaphram hurting. Having had kids with pneumonia that I would've sworn was appendicitis I decided it was best to get checked out.

Luke had me a bit scared the night before I took him in that I considered a trip to the ER. He was snoring very loudly and then he'd suddenly stop. I realized it was because he'd stopped breathing. His tonsils were HUGE , ugly and red. The original thought was that he also had something viral ontop of the strep. They decided to be on the safe side though and prescribe another med incase the original med wasn't effective against the strep.

I was starting to feel like an overreacting mother when it came to Eileen and Liz. I mean come on...stomach pains? She was examined and had her urine tested. It was decided that her meds were probably causing cramps (a side effect) so they put her on a different one. As of this morning she's still feeling achy. I'm starting to wonder if it's viral. Liz said a couple of girls at school were complaining of a similar pain (but not as intense).

I knew most of Eileen's pains were probably muscle related (hurt her when she coughed...which wasn't often...or moved her arms) but I didn't feel it explained the lower ab pains she was having. After her exam it was decided her urine should probably be tested too. It came back chock full of white cells. So now we're waiting for the cultures to tell us what it is so they know how to treat it.

I've had so many kids home so much lately that I'm afraid the school is going to think I'm being negligent and report us to CPS. Besides Monday I haven't had everyone go to school in forever. It makes me wish I homeschooled so I wouldn't have that dilemma/fight every morning. It also makes me seriously consider whether homeschooling should be in our future. I hate sending my kids out the door every morning! The things holding me back are...I rarely complete anything and am a major procrastinator. This state is so highly regulated that I'd be on probation before I knew it. (Carrie's standardized test scores alone would cause me to be put on probation) Tom' s not in the homeschooling mindset although I don't know if he's against it either. They'd miss being with their church friends and cousins. (some moreso then others)

I'm so glad it's the weekend! Now to get these kids well and keep them there!


Maia said...

Do you find that your kids get each other sick often? In our family everything gets passed around a lot, no matter how much Airborne and Vitamin C we use. Hope your kids feel better soon!


angie said...

They would probably be healthier if you homeschooled. I know it's a daunting idea, but you should look into it more if you're even slightly interested. The rewards are enormous!