Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The BUS!

That's usually the last thing I hear out of my kids' mouths in the morning. They're screaming to who ever is straggling behind and still in the house. This morning it was Liz. First she forgot her glasses and had to run upstairs. Then it was her shoes. Those pesky shoes, they like to hide and disappear altogether. I'd say I have NO idea how anyone can lose a pair of shoes, but I'm the main one that does it. Our shoe pile by the door isn't even bad right now, you can actually see the floor.

With the bus pulling up outside Liz runs to the shoe rack. She can't find her blue slip on sketchers. I find one, or so I thought. I'm informed, no those are Michelle's rocket dogs. I hear the bus pull to a stop. Then she decides she'll wear the black jellies instead. Where's the other one!?! We dig through the pile and can't find it. The 0ther kids are getting on the bus, the driver will only wait a second. Liz says...I don't care! I just have to wear SOMETHING! She grabs the black sequined platform sandals. (I have to wonder if they even FIT her!) and hobbles/runs out the door while trying to slip them on. She gets on the bus and it pulls away, leaving me to grab a fussing Sean (he had to be put down so I could dig) and fall into my chair feeling a bit frazzled. I take a breath, squeeze Sean for a bit, take a swig of my coffee and head for the little girls room to start it all over again. How many more days of school? I am SO glad this week is only 3 days long! Maybe next week we'll all have our act together.

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