Sunday, March 30, 2008


Thank you for the birthday wishes. I really appreciate it. The birthday report may end up being another post. Right now I have to talk about Friday night.

I had a GREAT time!!! It was opening night for the high school play, Beauty and the Beast. Since Val is an enchanted item, a spoon to be exact, we bought tickets for most everyone to go (not Danielle and Sean). I left Sean home Friday night and went with Michelle, her friend S, and my parents. Pat, Jess and Jess's mom were there too. Tom is taking the other 6 kids to the matinee which starts at 2 today. They are so excited!!!

OMGoodness!!! What an awesome production. The costumes were fantastic, the sets looked professional and at first I thought M who played Belle was lip syncing...she was that good. Of course knowing some of the kids and their personalities helps you enjoy the show more. Like J who plays Gaston. NO one else could've filled that role, it was made for him.

None of us went last night. Val got home really late, the seniors had gone with Mrs B to a local diner after the show. Val was telling me all about their adventure, including singing for everyone in the place and some interesting patrons that they encountered. I asked her the other day if she wishes that she found drama club earlier in her high school career. She admitted she did although I'm not so sure if it would've won out over volleyball back then. The reason she was in it this year was because she wasn't fit enough to be on the volleyball team this season. If you ask me, drama club seems to suit her personality a bit better....but what do I know. lol

Even with Val being super busy with play practices she still managed a trip to the mall on Monday. When she got home she reported that she found her prom dress and asked if I could go get it the next day. lol It was on clearance and there was one her size so she was afraid it would be gone before she got back there (since the play was going to occupy every waking minute plus some for the next week). We finally figured out that she wouldn't have practice after school on Thurs (they were holding 4 mini performances all day long instead). So it was decided we'd run to the mall, grab the dress and find some shoes and accessories. I am happy to's DONE! Granted the dress was more then I was hoping to get away with, but it was cheaper then Michelle's. Doling out the bucks made me SO thankful we have a Senior Ball only rule. What the rule is is that we'll pay for the prom/ball experience for the senior year only. If you want to go to other ones, you have to figure out how to outfit and get your ticket yourself. So far they've managed to get it done too.

Lately I suck at time management! There's never enough hours in the day. Here I thought going to the mall by 4pm would allow us enough time to get done what we had to and get home for the youth meeting at 7:30. NOPE! I sorely failed. I had Liz and Carrie with me so they couldn't make it. Luke was stuck home because there was no vehicle. It really bugs me when they miss things for stupid reasons like running late. But it seems I'm always racing against the clock no matter which day it is or where I have to go. I need a pause button!

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