Monday, March 03, 2008

Quick Post

I'm exhausted and headed to bed as soon as I'm done here. I've been wanting to get a post up all weekend but something kept calling me away.

It's the start of birthday week here. Luke turned 15 on Sunday. We didn't do much since most of his friends were out of town this weekend. He wanted meatball subs and stuffing for his dinner and he got it. He picked a devil's food cake (had the mix) with canned chocolate frosting. I didn't have any oil so melted a stick of margarine in the micro. I then proceeded to FORGET to add it into the batter. So Luke's cake was the nonfat version. I thought it would flop something awful but came out not too shabby. We gave him the Zelda DS game, not knowing that Pat already had it and Luke could use it. (Luke didn't know either). I decided that I'd splurge and buy him something else too. Originally I was thinking a big bag of peanut m&m's and a mylar balloon from the dollar store. I ended up getting him a Zelda collection tin with a DS lite starter set, plus some extras inside. He seemed to like it and brought it with him when he left. Yes, he left to go hang out with church friends after dinner and before cake. So Luke's birthday night was kinda quiet around here. He on the otherhand had fun with his friends. Olivia's next with her 8th birthday on Thurs. Then Val hits the big milestone of 18 on Sunday the 9th. Another adult in the house.

Saturday I found out that everyone I took to the dr's on Friday tested positive for Strep AGAIN! This time though I only had 5 of them tested. Liz on down to and including Eileen. Liz and Luke tested positive for Group B strep (body can fight off itself) the rest all had Group A (need an antibiotic to treat). I asked for Luke and Liz to be treated also since they've been sick on and off with this for a few weeks now. Even today Luke's not feeling so hot. I am SO sick of having a houseful of sick people. I think I'm coming down with something now too. My chest is heavy, I'm coughing and like I said in the beginning..I'm exhausted. At least Sean and Danielle seem to be healthy.

Today was the first day since I can't remember when that EVERYONE went to school. It wasn't easy. I had to practically push Eileen out the door. She was oh so sore from falling off the top bunk this on Fri night (has a few bruises, but you know how the make it impossible to do school work! lol) Got her out the door and thought she was headed back in after she slipped at the bottom of the porch stairs. Then she tried to use it again...showing me her wet pants and "bruised" knee. Unfortunately for her I was a meany and wasn't buying. Then I was sure Olivia was headed in after she slipped on a patch of ice and landed squarely on her bum. Luckily she got up without falling again and then the bus was coming down the street. I slammed the front door shut and literally said PHEW as they climbed on the bus.

Sean is getting to be quite sharp. He seems to be picking up new "tricks" everyday. This week he learned to clap. Early in the week h
e kept running his thumb under the first few fingers of his hand. I couldn't figure out where he'd seen someone try to snap their fingers. A few hours later while seeing him do it again and again I realized.....he was trying to count!!!
Tom had been using his fingers to count to five. Sean was trying to copy him. Then Sunday Val and I were in Walmart waiting for the pharmacy to open. I was perusing the toy section, looking for a trinket to buy Luke for his birthday. Sean was in teh cart behind me with Val standing next to him. All of a sudden Sean yells BAAAAAL! Val shouts...did you just say BALL!?! Mom, did he just say ball? I admitted it sounded like he did. When I turned around the little stinker was reaching out toward the opposite side of aisle....toward the huge ball bin. We grabbed out a small ball for him to play with. I have yet to hear him say it again. And today.....he was trying to pull himself up into a standing position on SIL, D's coffee table and then her son's big box of hotwheels. D and I were laughing at how different we viewed that step now that we know what's ahead of us once they get mobile. Drew by now was standing on his own, taking steps and would be walking in 2wks time. Of course being first time parents we were so proud and excited. Now I'm like...someone push him down! Put a rock in his diaper! I'm not ready for him to be getting into everything yet! LOL Funny though I feel like every new trick he learns, I'm seeing it for the first time and it's just as amazing as it was when the first kid learned it.

OOOPS....Sean just woke up. Going to run in and jump into bed with the guy. Tom's on call and has gone into work for midnight. He's gearing up to deal with a storm that's headed here in a few hours.


noelle said...

I only have 6 kiddos, and I can only imagine that kind of sickness that brings everyone home from school! I too am the mama that closes the door behind them as they run to the bus breathing a sigh of relief that the morning is now mine and the littles'.

Hope you are all over the sickness soon!

Mirz said...

Ugh, this year is so bad for the sickies. Hoping your house is well sooner than later. Let's bring on Spring and that fresh air!

truth said...

I am in the midst of birthday time too-a sweet 16 at the moment. Hilary claimed she hadn't had a party since she was 6. Ok, maybe that is true, but 18 teenagers, not including my own????? Sorry to hear about the strep. My Elisabeth got it 4 times in high school, her junior year. The dr. yanked her tonsils out. She hasn't had strep again, but a host of other things.

Hope everyone is doing better at your house.